As if in anticipation of Thanksgiving Day, the “turkeys” were out in full force during both Monday and Tuesday night leagues. And what a bountiful harvest of turkeys bowlers gathered.

On Monday evening, I intently watched bowlers as they prepared for their night of league bowling. One after another took his/her turn during the few minutes of practice time, trying to sharpen their skills in preparation for league play.

An idea for my column began to form.

“What if,” I thought, “we counted ‘turkeys’ tonight since we are in the Thanksgiving week?” So, I set forth the challenge. (A turkey, for those not familiar with the term or who like me, rarely get one, is a set of three strikes in a row.)

“Bowlers,” I challenged them, “tonight, please make note of anyone on your teams who bowls one turkey or more.”

Many times when such a challenge is set forth, people will do one of two things — either rise to the occasion like smooth gravy or drop like a cake taken out of the oven too soon.

Trust me, the gravy was flowing on both Monday and Tuesday nights.

I was a bit worried that the challenge had scared some bowlers during the first few frames, when strikes were few and far between. It was like trying to hold jiggly cranberry sauce on a plate with no stuffing.

But oh, one should never underestimate these Monday night bowlers, nor those on Tuesday. I later learned with 29 percent of Monday night bowlers and 25 percent of Tuesday night bowlers reeling in the gobblers.

Nineteen bowlers shot at least one turkey on Monday night, and a few bowled three or more. With a scratch series of 700, Joe Thomas was crowned king of the turkeys on Monday night, with Bruce Fish a close second with a scratch series of 686.

On Tuesday night, eight bowlers rose like hot-buttered yeast rolls to the challenge. Josh Dean took the honors for turkey king on Tuesday night with a high series of 643.

The whipped cream was on the pumpkin pie when Native Strikers set a season record for both leagues with a high scratch game of 889 and a high scratch series of 2,424 on Monday night.

Congratulations, you guys — but did you really have to bowl it against our team?

Just kidding. We were all very excited about your great bowling.

Sorry for all the figurative language (similes, etc.) but the season just seemed to lend itself to such. I’m getting hungry even as I write.

It’s always exciting to recognize great bowling. But I, for one, can relate to Rebecca Williams from Tuesday night with her post on Facebook.

“Driving trip for the Holidays: Some of y’all need to go bowling, so you can learn to stay in your own lane.”

Yep, I needed this, as my ball a couple of times wasn’t sure it wanted to stay on the lane but decided the gutter needed a good cleaning.

Hope everyone enjoyed time with friends and family this week. We are celebrating Thanksgiving with daughter and her family on Saturday, as the Dallas Cowboys game (with family driving to Texas) against the Buffalo Bills took precedent over Mom’s turkey on Thursday. Imagine that!

Good luck and great bowling, all our fellow bowlers.


Local gobblers

Monday Night Turkey Shooters: Joe Thomas, Bruce Fish, Robbin George, Mike Moran, Cody Iverson, Shane Tatum, James McGinty, James Ross, Roland Griffin, Brian Fulischa, Kendall Morrison, Brian Sherbourne, Mark Francis, Michael Sanders, Thomas John, Bryan Beauchamp, John Rolen, Tonja George and Lisa John.

Tuesday Night Turkey Shooters: Josh Dean, Randy Daniels, Wayne Cooper, Kelly Brown, Randy Goodman, Ken Hoyle, Albert Hurley and Gloria Pryor.


Monday Night Mixers

(Week 14 of 36)

1 KaCee Bar 36

2 NAPA 34

3 Snap On 33

4 Split Decision 33

5 Rob’s ProShop 31

6 Gutter Done 31

7 Tatum Trucking 30.5

8 Native Strikers 30

9 Misfits 29

10 B&S Construction 29

11 Splitz & Giggles 29

12 The Bowling Stones 27

13 The Replacements 24.5

14 Strike-A-Lacka 19

15 Spare Me 17

16 The Gutter Gang 15

Top Scores

Scratch game team: Native Strikers – 889, Rob’s ProShop – 806, Misfits — 708.

Scratch series team: Native Strikers – 2424, Rob’s ProShop – 2125, Misfits — 1975.

Men’s scratch game: Joe Thomas – 279, Bruce Fish – 268, Mike Moran — 246.

Men’s scratch series: Joe Thomas – 700, Bruce Fish – 686, James Ross — 682.

Women’s scratch game: Amy Villafrano – 194, Teeoti Jimenez - 184, Tonya George – 174.

Women’s scratch series: Janet Lowery – 492, Lisa John – 476, Tonya George — 473.

Tuesday Night Mixers

(Week 14 of 36)

1 Ben’s TV 42

2 R2D2 and C 39

3 Rob’s ProShop 38

4 Bronson’s Body Shop 29

5 D’JAVu 28

6 Pin Pals 21

7 Misfits 20

8 Team Bush 0

Top Scores

Scratch game team: Bronson’s Body – 805, Ben’s TV – 717, R2D2 and C — 673.

Scratch series team: Bronson’s Body– 2152, Ben’s TV – 2085, R2D2 and C – 1914.

Men’s scratch game: Josh Dean - 237, Ken Hoyle – 234, Kelley Brown – 222.

Men’s scratch series: Josh Dean – 643, Ken Hoyle – 588, Randy Goodman — 573.

Women’s scratch game: Teeoti Jimenez – 181, Jana Adams – 167, Gloria Pryor – 165.

Women’s scratch series: Teeoti Jimenez – 477, Gloria Pryor– 466, Miranda Dean — 445.

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