Time to stop, bowl and smell the flowers

Local bowlers interested in participating in a 10- or 12-week Summer League should contact league coordinator Robbin George at the Lazer Zone Family Fun Center as soon as possible. The tentative start date for summer league would be May 27-28.

Have you ever longed for the day when one season is not allowed to come into its full glory before another is over-advertised and played up so that the current one seems to lose its effect?

Such is due to the anticipation of one event after another.

Easter is just a few weeks away, and already swimming suits and summer beach apparel are positioned strategically at stores so shoppers will dream, shop and anxiously anticipate summer.

Many times, I just want to shout the words of the oldies song “Feeling Groovy,” by Simon and Garfunkel. When Paul Simon penned those words “Slow down, you move too fast, you got to make the morning last.. .”, I wondered if he ever envisioned just how hectic this generation would become.

As a teenager in those days, I felt life was dragging by and wondered if I’d ever become an adult. Now that I’m older, much older, I bemoan Simon’s words wishing we had slowed down a bit more. Back then I wish I had really listened to the words of that song and realized “Life, I love you, all is groovy. . .”

As I write, I think what if I applied Simon’s words to my bowling, mmm. “Just kicking down the cobblestones … looking for fun and feeling groovy.”

I could just relax and sing, “Just bowling down those pesky pins…making strikes and feeling groovy.” But, alas, such is not my song.

My song goes more like this: “Watching pocket hits become giant splits… wishing for spares and feeling grumpy.”

Well, enough down “Wish Lane” and back to reality.

As with the seasons, we so quickly come near to the end of our fall league time. We have just finished Week 30 of 36. And of course, we must look ahead as the rest of our society to what awaits just a month away.

Last day of league bowling for Monday is May 13 and May 14 for Tuesday, with the following week set for payouts.

Robbin George, league coordinator, asks all those interested in bowling the summer league to contact him this week if possible. Tentatively, he would like to set the summer league for 10 weeks to allow time between the end of the summer league and the begin of the 2019 fall league.

“We are not opposed to 12 weeks if everyone decides that what we want to do,” he says, “but 10 weeks will allow enough time for the league to be sanctioned and still give a bit of room for a break between leagues.”

Currently, he feels there is enough interest to have two leagues — Monday and Tuesday evenings. The tentative start date for summer league would be May 27-28, going through Aug. 5.

He is anticipating a State wide USBC Open Tournament Aug. 17-18 and would like to begin the 36-week fall league on Aug. 19-20.

Again, he needs to hear from you. Your input does matter.

Parting thoughts: “Hey lamppost, what’cha knowing, I’ve come to watch your flowers growin’. . . Doo-ait-n-doo-doo, feeling groovy.”

Take some time these next few weeks to relax, enjoy and smell the flowers. Relish time with your family and friends, and what better way to do that than to spend an afternoon or evening of bowling with them.

Rain, or shine, cold or heat — bowling is always a fun family treat. Wow, I made a rhyme.

Remember, joining a summer league will give you time to stay in practice for the fall, and help you hone your technique or develop a new one. It is also a time to meet new friends, and try out a new ball and/or shoes.

Good luck and great bowling to all.


Monday Night Mixers

(Week 30 of 36)

1. B&S Construction 84

2. Digits and Then Some 78

3. NAPA 78

4. Rob’s ProShop 73

5. Native Strikers 63

6. Misfits 63

7. Crazy Splitz 59

8. Bowling Stones 55

9. Split Personalities 55

10. Spare Me 51

11.Three Chicks and a Dude 45

12. Ghost 2

Top Scores

Scratch game team: Native Strikers — 842, B&S Construction — 827, Rob’s ProShop — 784.

Scratch series team: B&S Construction — 2325, Native Strikers — 2302, NAPA — 2155.

Men’s scratch game: Bryan Beauchamp — 268, Bruce Fish — 267, Cliffton Conatser — 259.

Men’s scratch series: Cliffton Conatser — 731 Bruce Fish — 727, Bryan Beauchamp — 675.

Women’s scratch game: Tonya George — 194, Janet Lowery — 181, Lisa John — 180.

Women’s scratch series: Lisa John — 474, Janet Lowery — 472, Tonya George — 448.

Tuesday Night Mixers

(Week 30 of 36)

1. Ben’s TV 93.5

2. B&S Construction 78.5

3. Bronson’s Body Shop 72.5

4. Rob’s Pro Shop 74.5

5. Maddox 68

6. Tatum Trucking 55

7. Kodiak Custom 49

8. Cole’s Upholstery 49

9. A-Team 38.5

10. Ghost 5.5

Top Scores

Scratch game team: Rob’s ProShop — 741, Bronson’s Body Shop — 725, B&S Construction — 705.

Scratch series team: Bronson’s Body Shop — 2105, Ben’s TV— 2048, Rob’s ProShop – 2185.

Men’s scratch game: Robbin George — 233, Kelley Brown — 225, Tanner Hilliard — 210.

Men’s scratch series: Robbin George — 664, Kelley Brown — 607, Randy Goodman — 581.

Women’s scratch game: Skye Buck — 185, Teeoti Jimenez — 172, Hannah Rose — 169.

Women’s scratch series: Teeoti Jimenez — 513, Skye Buck — 480, Hannah Rose — 460.

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