Squeaky bowlers having to adjust to new oil pattern

Joe Thomas, a member of the Native Strikers Monday Night Mixers team, points to his name on the Board of Fame for both high game and high series. 

When I hear the saying “What a difference a day makes,” I immediately think of times of immediate change. So, I ask the reader to take a moment to reflect on how his/her life may have changed in just a day’s time.

That’s fairly easy when one considers (since we live in Oklahoma) what it means in meteorology. Each of us knows well the difference that can happen in just one day with the weather and many times even in a few hours.

However, in the sport of bowling (certainly in league bowling), the fluid movement of the standings due to wins and/or losses is as transitory as our weather.

Such is true of the Monday Night Mixers and more, so it seems within these first two weeks of this new year.

The Tuesday Night Mixers seem to be a bit more stable with only minimal changes in their standings.

One reason for the dramatic change in standings on Monday is the league voted at the beginning of the season to bowl a position round at week 18. The current standings reflect the wins and losses for the second session.

The first-place team from the first session will meet for a roll-off with the first-place team of the second session if that team is different from the first session.

NAPA, winner of the first session, will bowl at the end of the league against the first-place team from the second session. All other bowlers will have the option to bowl in the Nine Pin No Tap while the roll-off between the two first-place winners bowl for position.

According to Robbin George, Monday Night Mixers league president, even though the positions changed at mid-season due to the position round bowling, the payouts will not change. Payouts will be based on the total number of wins throughout the entire league (36 weeks).

A second reason was due to the oil pattern change. Many bowlers on Monday night were complaining their ball was not working the same as the week previous. Thus, my query to the man who knows: “What happened to the lanes?”

George also serves as mechanic, oil specialist and lane maintenance supervisor, in addition to being the pro shop owner. He says he understands why many bowlers were having a bit of difficulty on Monday night.

“It’s a different oil pattern. This pattern is called Bourbon Street Pattern,” he said.

I, for one, thought I needed a shot of bourbon, as I could not find my mark at all Monday night. And I don’t drink at all. Many bowlers shared my thoughts on Monday.

George shared he hopes this new pattern will help bowlers learn to adjust on the lanes as to be able to bowl various tournaments at other houses.

“Currently, the oil machine has three patterns. Pattern 1 has no name, but it’s what most bowlers are used to now. It is a 39-foot pattern,” he explained.

“Pattern 2 is the Bourbon Street pattern — it’s the one I used Monday and Tuesday night this week,” George said.

I told him many people were not happy with what was happening on Monday.

“Too many times, bowlers fall into a repetition rut and when they go to tournaments — either state or national — they are often disappointed. They don’t bowl as well in the tournament because the oil pattern is usually different at that particular bowling house [center] than ours here at Lazer Zone,” George said.

George said he will use this current pattern for the next 18 weeks, the duration of the second session.

The third pattern is called the “Easy Street pattern.” I told him I needed “Easy Street” Monday night.

He extends an invitation to all bowlers to come bowl the first Thursday in March. He will be using a new pattern set by the nationals. This will allow bowlers the opportunity to try out and practice with this national pattern. He will be posting more information about this next month.

Good luck with the new oil pattern and great bowling, everyone!


Congratulations to all you bowlers this season who have bowled well enough to be listed on the Board of Fame. The scores required for the Board of Fame are:

• Women: 200+ game and 600+ series.

• Men: 275+ game and 700+ series.

So far this season, the following bowlers are listed on the Board of Fame:

• Men High Game: Robbin George, Ken Hoyle, Joe Thomas, James McGinty.

• Men High Series: Robbin George, Joe Thomas, James McGinty, Josh Dean.

• Women High Game: Teeoti Jimenez, Janet Lowery, Lisa John, Rebecca Williams, Carey Brantley, Derrek Thompson, Ashley Fish, Skye Buck.

• Women High Series: Skye Buck.


The Standings

Monday Night Mixers

(Week 19 of 36)

1 Misfits 4

2 Tatum Trucking 4

3 The Gutter Gang 3.5

4 B&S Construction 3

5 NAPA 3

6 Split Decision 3

7 Spare Me 3

8 KaCee Bar 3

9 Snap On 3

10 Native Strikers 1

11 The Bowling Stones 1

12 Gutter Done 1

13 Splitz & Giggles 1

14 Rob’s ProShop .5

15 Strike-A-Lacka 0

16 The Replacements 0

Top Scores

Scratch game team: B&S Construction – 771, Snap On – 724, Tatum Trucking – 719.

Scratch series team: Misfits – 2120, B&S Construction – 2116, Snap On — 1971.

Men’s scratch game: Bryan Beauchamp – 247, Hunter Thompson – 237, James Ross — 236.

Men’s scratch series: Bryan Beauchamp – 642, Roland Griffin – 630, Robbin George — 626.

Women’s scratch game: Ashley Fish – 202, Derrek Thompson – 182, Teeoti Jimenez — 171

Women’s scratch series: Derrek Thompson – 511, Ashley Fish – 496, Teeoti Jimenez — 496.

Tuesday Night Mixers

(Week 19 of 36)

1 Rob’s ProShop 55

2 R2D2 and C 52

3 Ben’s TV 46.5

4 Bronson’s Body Shop 38

5 D’JAVu 38

6 Misfits 31

7 Pin Pals 26.5

8 Bush 10

Top Scores

Scratch game team: Bronson’s Body – 823, R2D2 and C – 692, Ben’s TV — 683.

Scratch series team: Bronson’s Body – 2302, Ben’s TV — 1951, Rob’s ProShop – 1885 .

Men’s scratch game: Josh Dean – 257, Jim Rice- 237, Ken Hoyle — 236.

Men’s scratch series: Jim Rice – 600, Ken Hoyle – 595, Randy Goodman — 590.

Women’s scratch game: Geneva Cole – 193, Beth Kriegh – 184, Hannah Rose — 176.

Women’s scratch series: Geneve Cole – 718, Hannah Rose – 492, Rebecca Williams — 467.

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