Luck of the Irish shines down on Ada bowlers

Local bowlers Ricky Crandal, Charlotte Toder, Kendal Morrison and Melna Morrison presented The Ada News bowling correspondent Ann Stewart with a new pair of bowling shoes Monday night at the Lazer Zone Family Fun Center.

“Barr an maidin go dtí duit.”

Oh, excuse me. I guess my Irish roots are showing. This is the time of the year when those who aren’t Irish claim a bit of Irish heritage, and those who are proudly announce it.

Irish folks wear the green, look for four-leaf clovers (shamrocks), and drink the green ale, and some actually look for those lucky leprechauns who guard that mythical “pot o’ gold” at the end of the rainbow.

The saying above is translated “Top o’ the mornin’ to you.”

Can you believe it? Spring is in the air. And with spring, St. Patrick’s Day is close behind (March 17).

It’s the annual holiday to wear green or be pinched. Being a retired educator, I totally understand why spring break is planned statewide to include this day of “wearin’ o’ the green.”

Just a reminder. The American Legion Post 72 and Lazer Zone are co-sponsoring a 9-Pin No- Tap Tourney this Sunday. Registration begins at noon, with bowling starting at 2 p.m.

According to Desert Storm vet and Post Commander James Kercheval, this is a doubles tournament with a registration fee of $25 per person. This fee includes shoes, one large drink per person, one large single, topping pizza per team and three games of bowling with newfound friends and a lot of veterans.

Kercheval reminds bowlers, “Proceeds go to help our veterans and children’s programs.”

Robbin George, ProShop owner, encourages non-league bowlers to sign up to bowl with a league bowler and/or veteran. George asks for those who would enjoy bowling with a league bowler and/or vet to call either Post 72 at (580) 436-1666 or George at (580) 399-2077.

“It’s a great way to meet new folks, help a worthy cause and enjoy the fun and excitement of a 9-Pin No Tap Tournament on the day of wearing of the green,” George said.

Bowlers don’t have to wear green during this tournament but remember my Irish roots are showing and I may just have to give you a little pinch if I see you don’t have any on.

And you don’t need to be olagonin’ (moaning/groaning) about it, really. I probably won’t, but it sounds fun.

This time of the year, we often hear “Luck of the Irish.” If the Irish are anything, they are eternal optimists but very hard workers and bowlers, I might add. While reading up on my Irish roots, I learned the Irish traditionally have a strong work ethic, and they play as hard as they work.

Have you heard of Irish road bowling? Irish road bowling has been popular in Ireland for over 300 years, according to Charlie Bisnett, an organizer for the New York Onondaga County Parks 10th Annual Irish Road Bowling Tournament.

Bisnett explains road bowling is “part golf, part bocce, part bowling ... The rules are simple — hurl a small 28-ounce cannonball along a two-mile country road. Players must throw underhanded. Scoring is similar to golf — the least amount of throws needed to complete the course wins. Teams of four will compete against other teams to see who can cross the finish line in the fewest number of throws.”

Allow me to share a bit of Irish wit.

Remember, “A friend’s eye is a good mirror.” And “You’d got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.”

One of my favorite quotes, “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity,” is from Lucius Annaeus Seneca.

Any league bowler will certainly attest to that one.

Barbara Sher says it well, and this certainly sums up bowling. “The amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act.”

May I leave you with a traditional Irish blessing.

“May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.”

Finally, bowlers, I noticed last week I had inadvertently left Robbin George off the 600+ Achievement Recognition Wall. Bowlers who attain such scores deserve recognition. Robbin, please forgive my oversight.

We have no new additions to add to the wall this week, but bowlers, keep working to achieve this honor. I truly believe each of us can do it! That’s the eternal optimist in me speaking.

There are just nine weeks of league bowling left. Monday Night Mixers end league play May 13, and Tuesday Night Mixers end league play May 14. Both leagues will come back the following Monday and Tuesday evenings for payouts and a fun 9-Pin No Tap tourney.

The Lazer Zone Spring Singles and Doubles Invitational Bowling Tournament is scheduled for 3 p.m. March 31. More information coming in next week’s column.


Monday Night Mixers

(Week 28 of 36)

1. B&S Construction 76

2. NAPA 72

3. Digits and Then Some 72

4. Rob’s ProShop 68

5. Misfits 57

6. Native Strikers 53

7. Crazy Splitz 53

8. Bowling Stones 49

9. Spare Me 48

10. Split Personalities 48

11. Three Chicks and a Dude 40

12. Ghost 2

Top Scores

Scratch game team: Rob’s ProShop — 742, Native Strikers – 721, Misfits – 710.

Scratch series team: Misfits —2082, B&S Construction – 2061, Rob’s ProShop — 2035.

Men’s scratch game: Robbin George – 258, Cliffton Conatser – 246, James Ross – 234.

Men’s scratch series: Robbin George – 665, Cliffton Conatser – 652, James Ross — 645.

Women’s scratch game: Janet Lowery – 196, Teresa Adams – 154, Tonya George — 146.

Women’s scratch series: Janet Lowery – 526, Teresa Adams – 439, Tonya George – 405.

Tuesday Night Mixers

(Week 28 of 36)

1. Ben’s TV 83.5

2. B&S Construction 68.5

3. Bronson’s Body Shop 67.5

4. Rob’s Pro Shop 62.5

5. Maddox 62

6. Tatum Trucking 49

7. Cole’s Upholstery 47

8. Kodiak Custom 42

9. A-Team 37

10. Ghost 5.5

Top Scores

Scratch game team: Rob’s ProShop – 764, Ben’s TV – 751, Bronson’s Body Shop — 749.

Scratch series team: Ben’s TV – 2130, Bronson’s Body Shop – 2109, Rob’s ProShop – 2057.

Men’s scratch game: Bryan Beauchamp – 232, Randy Goodman – 232, Randy Daniels — 222.

Men’s scratch series: Robbin George – 620, Jim Rice – 605, Kelley Brown — 594.

Women’s scratch game; Teeoti Jimenez – 192, Hannah Rose – 188, Skye Buck – 187.

Women’s scratch series: Hannah Rose – 534, Teeoti Jimenez – 523, Skye Buck – 487. 

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