Local bowlers share the reasons why they like the sport

League bowling on Monday and Tuesday nights resumed at the Lazer Zone Family Fun Center after a two-week break for the holidays.

Happy 2019 to everyone! I trust everyone had a nice Christmas and New Year’s break. I also hope you can keep whatever resolutions you made in good faith for this year.

While it may seem as if the bowling report has been gone for a month or more, it has only been two weeks.

However, what a break it has been. Many of the league bowlers mentioned being under the weather most of their time off due in part to the varied weather conditions, allergies and other maladies.

Bowlers from both the Monday Night Mixers and the Tuesday Night Mixers said it felt good being back on the lanes again.

So, I asked a few competitors from each league “What do you enjoy about bowling?” See their varied answers below.

“Oh gosh, it’s something that I started when I was in my teens. I even managed a bowling alley before I was 20. I enjoyed competing against myself and others too but mainly myself — pushing myself to get better and better,” — Lori Clements.

“First and foremost is the amazing friendships I have made. After a long hard day at work, it’s nice to work off that stress by throwing your bowling ball down the lane and smacking all those pins to the ground.” — Diana Cavaco.

“I enjoy bowling with my teammates, meeting new people, and bowling alley food.” — Bruce Fish.

“For me, the competition I like trying to throw that 300 every time.” — Robbin George.

“It’s a chance to forget about whatever is going on in the real world, leaving all the stress behind and just concentrate on hitting pins and creating new memories with your teammates and everyone else in the league. Traveling is also fun. Getting to meet new people and enjoy new lanes at various tournaments etc.” — Teeoti Jimenez and Shane Tatum.

“It is my escape. I live in a world that has expectations that many times is not me. If I could take it more seriously, I probably would be a better bowler.” — Roland Griffin.

“When I was younger it used to be about the competition and being the best, I could be. However, now it’s about enjoying time with my friends and fellow bowlers ... the reason I enjoy bowling is the people. Bowlers are the salt of the earth people and getting to spend some time together makes me feel like I’m part of real life. It’s not the game, it’s just the people. I love bowlers. Always have.” — Bryan Sherbourne.

“I just enjoy the competition and the camaraderie.” — Billy Jack Stewart.

“I like the challenge of the game and the (fun) competition. Most of all, I like to spend time with my bowling team.” — Lisa John.

“I enjoy the team activity and competition. I also enjoy seeing our progress every week.” — Ronnie Fondren.

“I enjoy bowling because it’s a good way to expel energy and frustration sometimes. But as far back as I can remember, I used to watch my uncle bowl and how much fun he had while doing it. He was a Vietnam veteran and bowled for 45 years until his passing and I always wanted to bowl. When Allen asked me to join the team seven years ago, I jumped on the chance and have been doing it ever since because it’s fun and so are the people.” — James Kercheval.

“I find enjoyment in the challenge of the game. I am not the most consistent at throwing, but I enjoy trying to improve. Secondly, the friendships I have found and built over the years.” — Ashley Fish.

“It’s the perfect combination of fellowship and friendly competition.” — Steve Samson.

“Because it is a fun activity that our family can enjoy together.” — Kendall Morrison.

“It’s a fun social sport. You can be as serious as you want and challenge yourself to constantly get better, or you can just kick back and have a good time with friends.” — Tom John.

“I just joined the party. I agree the relationships we build and the sense of pride when we kick (butt). I also like it when Steve throws the ball really hard (team joke).” — Brandon Orr.

“I enjoy bowling because I get to challenge myself every week, while at the same time, support my team. It’s also a fun time to interact with [the] bowling community and enjoy the overall camaraderie that comes along with bowling.” — Joe “Kicker” Thomas.

Thanks to everyone from both leagues for sharing their responses. Also a special thank you to Roland Griffin, who helped so much with a formatting problem we had while getting quotes moved from Messenger to Microsoft Word.

While a few bowlers responded, “releasing stress” and a way of “escaping” the work day, many of the responses noted the time with friends as their most enjoyable part. Some enjoyed the competition and noted “friendly competition” was most preferred.

Whatever the reasons for bowling may be, local bowlers are all looking forward to an exciting second part of our season. And with scores like this week’s, from both leagues, we are likely to see our first league 300 very soon.

Get those smiles ready as we are looking for some good candid shots this new year, too.



Monday Night Mixers

(Week 19 of 36)

1 B&S Construction 50

2 Rob’s ProShop 47

3 Digits and Then Some 46

4 NAPA 45

5 Misfits 43

6 Native Strikers 37

7 Crazy Splitz 35

8 Spare Me 33

9 Bowling Stones 31

10 Split Personalities 29

11Three Chicks and a Dude 26

12 Ghost 2

Top Scores

Scratch game team: Native Strikers — 745, Rob’s ProShop — 704, B&S Construction — 703.

Scratch series team: B&S Construction — 2055, Native Strikers — 2001, Digits and Then Some — 1995.

Men’s scratch game: Robbin George — 247, Bruce Fish — 223, Bryan Beauchamp and Cliffton Conatser — 214.

Men’s scratch series: Robbin George — 632, Bruce Fish – 588, Bryan Beauchamp — 584.

Women’s scratch game: Janet Lowery, 167, Lisa John – 164, Arielle Moyer — 151.

Women’s scratch series: Lisa John — 470, Janet Lowery – 465, Teresa Adams — 407.


Tuesday Night Mixers

(Week 19 of 36)

1 Ben’s TV 55.5

2 B&S Construction 50.5

3 Maddox 41

4 Bronson’s Body Shop 40.5

5 Rob’s Pro Shop 39.5

6 Kodiak Custom 32

7 Tatum Trucking 31

8 Cole’s Upholstery 28

9 A-Team 24

10 Ghost 5.5

Top Scores

Scratch game team: Ben’s TV – 730, Rob’s ProShop – 687, Bronson’s Body Shop — 553.

Scratch series team: Ben’s TV – 2034, Rob’s ProShop – 1939, Bronson’s Body Shop – 1938.

Men’s scratch game: Robbin George – 242, Wayne Cooper – 223, Randy Daniels — 221.

Men’s scratch series: Robbin George – 661, Randy Daniels — 551, Wayne Cooper & Jim Rice – 544.

Women’s scratch game: Skye Buck – 171, Carey Brantley — 158, Teeoti Jimenez – 155.

Women’s scratch series: Skye Buck — 471, Teeoti Jimenez — 429, Carey Brantley — 407.