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Looking to reload Chassy Foster (5), was part of a talented senior class that led Konawa to its third Class 2A state tournament in six seasons last March. The Lady Tigers return just one starter — reigning area Player of the Year Nikki Nail — off that team. Konawa opens its season Nov. 30 at Stratford.


Head Coach: Michelle Shannon

Assistants: Leslie Landrum, Skip Griese, Katie Walker, Scott Simpson

2009-2010 Overall Record: 10-12

Starters Lost: Catie Newport, Newakis Girdley

Starters Returning: Erin Walling, Charlesey Youngwolfe, Andy Jewett, Brooke Butler

2010-2011 Roster

Player    HT    CL    POS

Erin Walling    5-10    SR    F

Charlesey Youngwolfe    5-6    SR    G

Brooke Butler    5-6    SR    F

Mechel Dickerson    5-8    SR    F

Andy Jewett    5-11    SR    C

Kristina Gonzalez    5-2    SR    G

Amber Ransom    5-9    JR    C

T’ata Roberts    5-7    JR    G

Kylie Byrd    5-3    JR    G

Laura Schwanke    5-10    JR    C

Marie Radenet    5-7    JR    G

Kyndel Carter    5-4    SO    G

Elisah Canfield    5-10    SO    C

Cayden Howard    5-10    SO    C

COACH’S QUOTE: “We’re looking forward to seeing what the season brings. I have a good group that works hard,” — Ada head coach Michelle Shannon.


Head Coach: Jason Schroeder

Assistant: Tari Dubler

2009-2010 Overall Record: 9-18

Starters Lost: Kellyn Price (5 ppg, 3 rpg)

Starters Returning: Erin Casey (12 ppg, 9 rpg), Kasadi Reimers (6 ppg, 5 rpg), Brandi Doshier (2 ppg, 2 rpg), Jamee McDonald (5 ppg, 4 rpg)

2010-2011 Roster

Player    HT    CL    POS

Jamee McDonald    5-4    SR    G

Summer Wauahdooah    5-5    SR    G

Erin Casey    6-0    JR    C

Alissa Oliphant    5-9    JR    C

Jerri Yott    5-9    JR    F

Gabby Yott    5-4    SO    G

Alisha Huggins    5-7    SO    F

Katie Brown    5-5    SO    F

Brandi Doshier    5-4    SO    G

Kasadi Reimers    5-8    SO    F

Kylie Skaggs    5-5    SO    G

Tristan Milburn    5-3    FR    G

Sarah Wauahdooah    5-4    FR    G

Malerey Luman    5-8    FR    C

COACH’S QUOTE: “We return almost the entire squad, plus two freshmen who will have an impact.  We should continue to improve on last year’s finish.” — Asher coach Jason Schroeder.


Head Coach: Jeremy Strong

Assistant: Lesli Costner

2009-2010 Overall Record: 18-8

Starters Lost: None.

Starters Returning: Jordyn Mills, Carley Collard, Brandi Horton, Jocee Bailey, Amber Coody

2010-2011 Roster

Player    CL    HT    POS

Jordyn Mills    SR    5-5    G

Brandie Horton    SR    5-4    G

Carley Collard    SR    5-4    G

Chelsea Coody    SR    5-3    G

Jocee Bailey    JR    5-6    F

Amber Coody    JR    5-7    F

Marissa Prentice    JR    5-3    G

Aussie Riddle    JR    5-5    G/F

Tashina Thompson    JR    5-5    G

Meghan Dohlman    JR    5-6    F

Beyla Skelton    SO    5-9    F

Cheyenne Nickell    SO    5-8    F

Erin Warren    SO    5-4    G/F

Kyla Mcgee    SO    5-3    G

Brittany Graham    FR    5-9    F

Sandra Howshar    FR    5-9    F

Meagan Lively    FR    5-7    G/F

Kayla Roberts    FR    5-3    G

Tosha Deathridge    FR    5-3    G

Nora Thompson    FR    5-5    G/F

 COACH’S QUOTE: “We are looking to build on the progress we made last year. We have a couple of three-year starters to lead our team and plenty of experience.  We must continue to get better if we are to reach our team and personal goals.” — Allen head coach Jeremy Strong.


Head Coach: Matt Fike

Assistants: Elizabeth Smith, Bruce Plunk, Brooke Hunter

2009-2010 Overall Record: 14-11

Starters Lost: Reba Sliger, Meleaia Gray, Sydney Loggins

Starters Returning: Raetchel Gray (8 ppg, 6 rpg), Presli Manuel (14 ppg, 7 rpg), Dayton Hendricks (7 ppg)

2010-2011 Roster

Player    HT    CL    POS

Presli Manuel    5-8    SR    F

Dayton Hendricks    5-8    SR    F

Brenna Williamson    5-6    SR    G

Shundiin Bohan    5-8    SR    F

Jenny O’Grady    5-9    SR    G

Stormy Sayre    5-9    JR    F/G

Rachel Wainscott    5-6    JR    G

Mahgen Boissenin    5-9    JR    F

Shay Grove    5-5    JR    G

Sarah Harris    5-5    JR    G

Kristin Kettle    5-9    JR    F/G

Raetchel Gray    5-7    SO    G

Ashton Johnson     5-8    SO    G

Sydney Bartlett    5-5    SO    G

Kaylen Fike    5-8    SO    F

Cierra Counts    5-8    SO    G/F

Christina Carrethers    5-9    SO    F

Teighlor Fortner    5-5    SO    G

Kiersten Prater    5-8    SO    G

COACH’S QUOTE: “We have solid core group of players returning who gained valuable experience the past two years. We have good depth, good team chemistry, and a group of young women who care about each other and care about basketball. We are NOT good enough to simply show up. We are a team that needs to remain focused on every little detail, every possession, and when we do that we are pretty good.  Getting to a point where we are doing that consistently is our main challenge before we open up November 30.” — Byng coach Matt Fike.


Head Coach: Jim Jenson

Assistant: Tara Satterfield

2009-2010 Overall Record: 9-14

Starters Lost: Leslie Parker (10 ppg, 4.3 rpg), Karnie Gilliam (1.1 ppg, 1.7 rpg).

Starters Returning: Alex Linam (8.7 ppg, 6.5 rpg), Cherokee Acker (5.8 ppg, 2.7 rpg), Tandra Elkins (5.8 ppg, 2.9 rpg).

2010-2011 Roster

Player    HT    CL    POS

Alex Linam     6-0    SR    C

Caitlin Mowdy    5-8    SR    F

Cherokee Acker    5-4    JR    G

Tandra Elkins    5-5    JR    G

Jade Ward     5-7    JR    F

Jessica Luellen    5-4    JR    G

Shelby Wood    5-5    JR    G

Brooklyn Hughes    5-7    SO    F

Lacy Walker    5-10    SO    P

Sondi Ennis    5-5    SO    F

Megan Holifield    5-5    SO    G

Khini Shores    5-5    SO    G

Krista Lowe    5-5    SO    G

Claudia Baker    5-7    SO    C

Luci Palmer       5-6    FR    F

Shelby Martindale    5-4    FR    G

Mekyla Jacobs    5-3    FR    G

Morgann Sandmann    5-5    FR    G

Taylor Sexton    5-5    FR    G

Courtney Warren    5-4    FR    G

Whitney Williams    5-4    FR    G

Landon Garcia      5-6    FR    G

Katy Blackmon     5-5    FR    G

COACH’S QUOTE: “We had a good summer.  Our overall team speed is better and we should have more depth this year.  We’re looking forward to getting started.” — Coalgate coach Jim Jenson.


Head Coach: Gordon Garner

Assistants: Sean Walker, Leander Yellowfish, Angie Terry

Starters Lost: Sydney Stoup, Kassandra McClain, Mandy Yellowfish, Chassy Foster, Chelsa Porter

Starters Returning: Nikki Nail (14.3 ppg), Chelsea Gillum (9 ppg).

2010-2011 Roster

Player        HT    CL    POS

Nikki Nail        SR    G

Chelsea Gillum        SR    F

Emily Mocabee        SR    F

Melanie Gladden        SR    G

Courtney Capps        SR    F

Ciara Kuestersteffen        JR    G

Sarah Johnson        JR    G

Jayla Carpenter        JR    G

Kristie Shur        JR    G

Allison Yellowfish        SO    F

Haley Terry        SO    G

Sierra O’Dell        SO    F

Meghan Stevens        FR    F

Danielle Khoury        FR    G

Brittany Galimba        FR    G

Brittany Lancaster        FR    F

Winterator Narcomey        FR    F

Allison Frasier        FR    G

Caitlyn Jesse        SO    G 

COACH’S QUOTE: “We are going to be a differenty type team this year, but we should make another playoff run.” — Konawa coach Gordon Garner.


Head Coach: David Tinkler

Assistant: Erin Fixico

2009-2010 Overall Record: 11-15

Starters Lost: Sara Miller (8 ppg), Cassie Brown (5 ppg).

Starters Returning: Teagan Tully (3 ppg, 2.2 rpg), Kortney West (6.5 ppg, 6.5 rpg), Madison Snowden (8.8 ppg, 5 rpg).

2010-2011 Roster

Player    HT    CL    POS

Teagan Tully    5-6    SR    G

Kortney West    5-7    SR    F

Madison Snowden    5-9    SR    F

Chelsea Ellenburg    5-11    SR    C

Kaitlin Hisaw    5-6    JR    G

Kelci Forster    5-5    JR    G

Keeli Kessinger    5-9    JR    F

Siera Green    5-9    JR    F

Amy Hooser    5-5    SO    G

Charles Henderson    5-6    SO    G

Makenzi Lamb    5-4    SO    G

Breanna Hanson    5-6    SO    G

Aryn Hill    5-8    SO    F

Brittney Monroe    5-8    SO    F

Katie Miller    5-8    SO    F

Ashli Worcester    5-7    SO    F

Shelby Parnacher    5-4    FR    G

COACH’S QUOTE: “We have three returning starters and five of our first eight players back to give us a good foundation to build on.  There should be good quickness in our younger players that will help in our rotation to keep fresh bodies on the floor.  It will be very interesting to see how it all plays out when the playoffs roll around.  Hopefully all the pieces will fall in place and make us very competitive.” — Latta coach David Tinkler.


Head Coach: Scott Roe

Assistants: Scott Morgan, Kaitlyn Peak

2009-2010 Overall Record: 12-15

Starters Lost: Catie Tolliver, Ashlyn McCullar.

Starters Returning: NaTosha Logsdon, Jordan Grinstead, J. J. Stewart.

2010-2011 Roster

Player        CL    POS

22 Otokahe Smith        SR    G

23 Jordan Grinstead        JR    F

30 Kayla Hood        JR    G

33 NaTosha Logsdon        JR    C

24 Monica Miller        JR    G

34 J. J. Stewart        JR    G

14 Kelsey Anderson        SO    G

15 Sarah Gross        SO    F

10 Casey Kelley        SO    G

25 Tori Brown        FR    G

32 Maddie Lemley        FR    F

35 Lauren Trimmer        FR    F

20 Elizabeth Veber        FR    G

COACH’S QUOTE: “The Lady Tigers are a hard-working, mentally tough group of girls that have a balanced perimeter and inside game.  I expect them to make a strong showing this season.” — Roff coach Scott Roe.


Head Coach: Christie Jennings

Assistant: Brian Davis

2009-2010 Overall Record: 16-11

Starters Lost: None

Starters Returning: Brettney Brady (9 ppg, 3.6 rpg); Savannah Burwell (8 ppg, 2.5 rpg), Paige Curtis (5.1 ppg, 4.6 rpg), Brittany Gipson (4.5 ppg, 3.6 rpg), Bradianne Daniel (6.1 ppg, 7.1 rpg).

2010-2011 Roster

Player    HT    CL    POS

11 Brettney Brady    5-5    SR    G

22 Brittany Gipson    5-9    SR    F

14 Paige Curtis    5-9    SR    F

15 Savannah Burwell    5-5    SR    G

10 Amanda Transue    5-3    SR    G

23 Bradianne Daniel    5-6    JR    G

20 Cheyanne Miller    5-8    JR    F

21 Breann Gipson    5-11    SO    C

12 Kim Helms    5-6    SO    G

24 Lyndsay Duffman    5-11    SO    C

33 Danielle Clarke    5-8    SO    F

5 Haley Snell    5-6    SO    G

32 Shaina Bills    5-5    FR    G

COACH’S QUOTE: “We are looking for big things this season.  We have a core of upperclassmen that should carry much of the load.  Our younger kids have matured and are making big impacts on both ends of the floor.  By the end of the season, we feel we can be a contender for a state tournament berth.” — Stonewall coach Christie Jennings.


Head Coach: Tony Prichard

2009-2010 Overall Record: 14-9

Starters Lost: Taylor Neal (7.9 ppg, 6.2 rpg), Ashton Helm (7.5 ppg, 3 rpg), Alana Reaves (9.2 ppg, 2.2 rpg), Emily Readnour (6.4 ppg, 3.2 rpg).

Starters Returning: Tamara Walling (2.8 ppg, 2.8 rpg).

2010-2011 Roster

Player    HT    CL    POS

Teri Ratto    5-4    SR    G

Braden Mantooth    5-6    JR    G

Tamara Walling    5-9    JR    F

Amber Waller    5-10    JR    F

Allyssia Brown    5-5    JR    G

Danielle Bennett    5-6    JR    G

Lacey Hatter    5-10    SO    F

Deamber Barrett    5-6    SO    G

Niki Smith    5-7    SO    F

Maira Aguinaga    5-7    SO    F

Caylee Fulp    5-8    SO    F

Cheyenne Weast    5-6    FR    G

Kathryne Alberton    5-6    FR    G


Head Coach: Toby Todd

Assistant: Tracy Eldred

2009-2010 Overall Record: 23-4

Starters Lost: Rylee Rackley (10 ppg, 10 rpg), Jessica McCarville (9 ppg, 6.5 rpg), Ashleigh Reagle (3 ppg, 2 rpg).

Starters Returning: Ashley Hughes (11.4 ppg, 5 rpg), Chelsea Reeves (9.3 ppg, 3.3 rpg), Darsha Reagle (4.2 ppg, 2.5 rpg).

2010-2011 Roster

Player    HT    CL    POS

3 Mercy Anderson    5-4    SR    G

5 Chelsea Reeves    5-6    SR    G

10 Ebony Harrison    5-6    SO    F

11 Darsha Reagle    5-5    SO    G

12 Ashley Hughes    5-6    SO    G

14 Madison Wolf    5-4    FR    G

20 Tori Bates    5-8    SR    F

21 Jamie Tigert    5-6    SR    G

22 Ashley Welch    5-6    JR    G

23 Harlee Griffis    5-4    FR    G

24 Allie Saunders    5-9    FR    F

25 Brendiel Sims    5-3    FR    G

30 Salina Johnson    5-6    SO    F

31 Kaden Cox    5-6    SO    G

32 Sarah Shores    5-4    FR    G

33 Carleigh Neal    5-6    SO    F

35 Ashlee Walker    5-6    SO    G

42 Katie Lancaster    5-4    Fr    F

45 Miranda McCarville    5-8    SO    F

54 Talley Magruder    5-8    SR    F

55 Moriah Britt    5-6    FR    F

COACH’S QUOTE: “Last season we were very inexperienced at the guard positions; however, this season will be fun to watch.  The Lady Bulldogs have missed the state tournament by ending the past two seasons in the game to go to state.  The 2010-2011 squad is led by great senior leadership along with an explosive sophomore squad.” — Sulphur coach Toby Todd.


Head Coach: Bill Godwin

Assistants: Jeanie Worley, Kendra Pearce

2009-2010 Overall Record: 20-7

Starters Lost: Megan Bray (12 ppg, 3 rpg), Tiffany Postoak (4 ppg, 3 rpg)

Starters Returning: Shanna Davidson (16 ppg, 6 rpg), Chesna Henry (8 ppg, 5 rpg), Grace Leland (8 ppg, 3 rpg), Tamara Thompson (3 ppg, 2 rpg), Kelsie Warner (3 ppg, 2 rpg)

2010-2011 Roster

Player    HT    CL    POS

5 Chesna Henry    5-9    SR    C

10 Aspen Collins    5-6    JR    F

11 Kelsie Warner    5-5    SO    F

15 Shanna Davidson    5-9    SR    G

21 Kate McCoy    5-5    SO    G

23 Samantha Stein    5-4    SR    F

25 Kurston Chamberlain    5-4    FR    G

31 Tamara Thompson    5-9    JR    C

32 Grace Leland    5-7    SR    G

34 Alisha Cosar    5-7    SO    C

35 Kayley Sanders    5-7    SO    G

50 Landra Nelson    5-7    SR    F

52 Hayley Fowler    5-4    FR    F

 COACH’S QUOTE: “We have to replace our point guard and continue to get better on defense.  The season will be a challenge moving up to Class A, but I know the team will be up for it.” — Tupelo coach Bill Godwin.


Head Coach: Jason Fulks

Assistants: Kent Qualls, Heath Stone

2010-2011 Overall Record: 14-13

Starters Lost: Madison Oliver (8.6 ppg), Dakota Phillips.

Starters Returning: Gage Parker (12.0 ppg), Katie Priest (10.3 ppg), Bethany Brewer (4.3 ppg), Laynie Cantwell (3.8 ppg)

2010-2011 Roster

Player    HT    CL    POS

10 Caylan Ballard    5-6    FR    F

11 Gage Parker    5-11    JR    F

12 Vanessa Cothren    5-4    FR    G

13 Annie Wall    5-6    FR    C

14 Beth Brewer    5-5    SR    G

15 Katie Perschbacher    6-0    SO    C

20 Sarah Henson    5-6    SR    G

21 Kaylen Donelson    5-5    FR    G

23 Toni Prince    5-8    FR    C

24 Layni Cantwell    5-8    SR    C

25 Kali Mowdy    5-4    FR    G

33 Katie Priest    6-0    SR    C

44 Randi Hurley    5-6    FR    G

     COACH’S QUOTE: “With four returning starters back, we should have a chance to be a good high school girls basketball team if we continue to work hard every day.” — Vanoss coach Jason Fulks.