As you all well know, a week ago today was Friday the 13th.

It’s an ominous day for many, or at least they believe that. And to make it even more foreboding was the full moon that accompanied the dreadful day. Statistics say that in itself causes many to act differently.

For centuries folks have dreaded this day.

Upon doing a bit of research on this phenomenon, I found an interesting bit of information in an article by Nancy Clanton with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She said “Paraskevidekatriaphobians might want to stay indoors Friday, especially if they also have selenophobia.”

The first condition is fear of Friday the 13th, and the second is fear of full moons. Both events happened last Friday.

I learned two new words, but can’t figure out when I’ll ever use them again. I also learned this event happens about every 20 years — the combination of a full moon along with the Friday 13th.

According to the various internet searches, the fear of Friday the 13th possibly goes all the way back to the time of Christ’s Last Supper when Judas betrayed Jesus. Judas was the 13th person at the table that evening. Likewise, since Christ was crucified on that Friday, the two were put together and considered extremely unlucky.

Whether you fear the day or see it as another day, some very unfortunate things do happen on that day. Truly not anymore unfortunate than any other day, yet because of the superstition surrounding it, when something bad, or unfortunate happens, there are those that will blame Friday the 13th.

I truly don’t believe Robbin George, the Lazer Zone’s own ProShop owner, necessarily thought “Today is Friday the 13th” and feared going to work on the machines at the bowling center.

Unfortunately, that very day Robbin lost the tip end of his ring finger in an accident while working with and repairing the bumpers on the lanes.

Twenty-eight years ago this December. George married the love of his life. And because of his work at that time in the oil field and trucking, he had his wedding band tattooed on his left ring finger. What a nice gesture and smart, especially with chance of a real ring getting tangled up in something and causing much damage.

Both he and his wife, Tonya, have a ring of fire tattooed on their ring fingers symbolizing their love and commitment to each other. That tattoo had to hurt but nothing compared to this accident.

Both leagues were very surprised to see George come out to bowl on both Monday and Tuesday. In fact, he bowled very well despite the pain he had to be experiencing in his left hand. Yes, George is a right-handed bowler and while I might be a bit subjective, he’s also one of the better bowlers we have on either league.

While George is not superstitious and did not consider this accident to be caused by the so-called unlucky event of Friday the 13th with a full moon, he simply said “Hey it helped me bowl better for some reason.”

Could it be that he took a little extra time so as not to aggravate that left hand? We may never know and he’s not saying.

Both leagues wish him a speedy recovery and are happy the accident was not as bad as it could have been.

“Tthe doctor seems to think there is a possibility the fingertip and nail will regenerate as it heals,” George said.

Well, I said all of that to say this ... no matter what the day, each day is a gift and we can find something good in it. The human spirit is strong, and the body has a great desire to heal. If we look for the good in each day and focus on what good we can do for others along our way, then we are truly blessed folks.

May each of you have a great week. Be thankful and kind, be true and loyal, have fun and enjoy the company of someone you love. Be diligent and determined, strive for victory and learn from defeat.

Most of all, never take for granted the special friends, family and life you have. You inspire someone, so shine.

Good luck and Good bowling to all.


Monday Night Mixers

(Week 4 of 36)

1 Snap On 13

2 The Bowling Stones 12

3 Gutter Done 11

4 Native Strikers 10

5 Misfits 10

6 Rob’s ProShop 9

7 B&S Construction 9

8 Split Decision 9

9 Tatum Trucking 8

10 KaCee Bar 8

11 Splitz & Giggles 8

12 NAPA 7

13 The Gutter Gang 5

14 The Replacements 4

15 Strike-A-Lacka 3

16 Spare Me 2

Top Scores

Scratch game team: Native Strikers – 753, Rob’s ProShop – 704, SnapOn — 697

Scratch series team: Native Strikers – 2103, Rob’s ProShop – 2032, B&S Construction — 1978

Men’s scratch game: Hunter Thompson – 243, Robbin George – 231, James Ross — 228

Men’s scratch series: Kendal Morrison – 640, Robbin George — 639, James Ross — 632

Women’s scratch game: Lisa John – 201, Lori Clements – 163, Amy Crawford — 163

Women’s scratch series: Lisa John – 502, Lori Clements – 455, Tonya George — 444

Tuesday Night Mixers

(Week 4 of 36)

1 Ben’s TV 12

2 Rob’s ProShop 10

3 Pin Pals 9

4 D’JAVu 8

5 Bronson’s Body Shop 6

6 R2D2 and C 5

7 Misfits* 6

8 Ghost Team 0

Top Scores

(*Misfits joined the league later and have not bowled 16 games- therefore, their standing is based on pin count.)

Top Scores

Scratch game team: Bronson’s Body Shop - 751, Ben’s TV – 716, Rob’s ProShop — 694

Scratch series team: Bronson’s Body Shop – 2122, Ben’s TV – 2081, Rob’s ProShop — 1888

Men’s scratch game: Robbin George – 222, Randy Daniels – 204, Kelley Brown — 200

Men’s scratch series: Robbin George – 574, Kelley Brown – 542, Randy Daniels — 521

Women’s scratch game: Teeoti Jimenez – 185, Rebecca Williams – 179, Jana Adams — 164

Women’s scratch series: Teeoti Jimenez – 483, Rebecca Williams – 410, Jana Adams — 410

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