Finish line is close for local bowling leagues

There are only four weeks of league play left in the bowling seasons for the Monday Night Mixers and Tuesday Night Mixers, hosted by the Lazer Zone Family Fun Center.

Greetings, my bowling buddies. Here we are another week of bowling finished. We have just four weeks of our regular league bowling left. My goodness, the cliché “Time flies when you’re having fun” has proven to be so true this season. Hard to believe it’s almost over.

Four weeks is hardly enough time to accomplish the plans I had for improving my bowling before the end of the league. I wonder if the rest of you have experienced these same thoughts as we contemplate the end of this bowling road.

Some, I know, may have met and possibly even exceeded expectations, but some, especially me, I’m sure have not but wish we had more time in which to accomplish our goals.

I would have liked to have gotten that 500 series and a 200 game before the finish, but unless a miracle happens in these next four weeks, I won’t see these scores.

I ‘m so proud of all of you who have reached the Achievement Recognition scores and had your name printed here to commemorate that accomplishment.

In addition, while looking over the standing and statistics sheets, I have found many improved teams and/or individual bowlers. And that deserves a “High Five” as well. So again, I went on a statistic-gathering adventure.

As with most data gathering quests, the comparing and contrasting for me is the most interesting. So, follow me into this data trek and help me celebrate and recognize those that have raised their either individual and/or team averages since the third week of bowling to current.

Note: Those teams who had a change in members were not considered but will be included when the league is over for total most improved team averages.

The top five most improved bowlers on Monday night are: Gary Spikes with an increase of 28 pins, Tonya George with an 18-pin increase, Bryan Beauchamp with a 15-pin increase, Roland Griffin with a 14-pin increase and Frank Graham with a 13-pin increase.

The top most improved team averages on Monday night are: B&S Construction with a team average increase of 35 pins, Digits and Then Some with a team average increase of 25 pins, Rob’s ProShop with a team average increase of 23 pins; Native Strikers with a team average increase of 19 pins; and NAPA, also with a team average increase of 19.

The top five most improved bowlers on Tuesday night are: Miranda Dean with an increase of 25 pins, Jim Rice with a 21-pin increase, Skye Buck with a 16-pin increase, Austin Stone with a 14-pin increase and Nick Cheper with a 13-pin increase.

Many of the teams on Tuesday had member changes, and some averages either stayed the same or fell. Therefore, I can only report of the ones who have maintained the same members. Kodiak Custom has a team average increase of 26 pins and the A-Team an increase of four pins, and Cole’s Upholstery maintaining the same average.

If I overlooked any team or individual, please contact me and it will be corrected in our next article.

There are no new additions to our Achievement Recognition Wall this week, but bowlers, we still have four weeks ahead of us to get those high games and series noted.

Remember, Robbin George is signing up teams for the summer for both Monday and Tuesday. He’s looking forward to a fast and fun summer season.

Hope each of you enjoy time with your family this Easter Sunday.

Great bowling to everyone.


Monday Night Mixers

(Week 32 of 36)

1. B&S Construction 90

2. Digits and Then Some 81

3. NAPA 80

4. Rob’s ProShop 76

5. Native Strikers 69

6. Crazy Splitz 68

7. Misfits 67

8. Bowling Stones 61

9. Split Personalities 59

10. Spare Me 55

11.Three Chicks and a Dude 50

12. Ghost 2

Top Scores

Scratch game team: B&S Construction — 779, Misfits — 770, Spare Me — 728.

Scratch series team: B&S Construction — 2116, Rob’s ProShop — 2076, Misfits — 2047.

Men’s scratch game: Bryan Beauchamp — 257, Cliffton Conatser — 245, Ricky Crandal — 234.

Men’s scratch series: Bryan Beauchamp — 679, Cliffton Conatser — 659, James Ross — 600.

Women’s scratch game: Janet Lowery — 213, Lisa John — 200, Lori Clements — 167.

Women’s scratch series: Janet Lowery — 556, Lisa John — 514, Lori Clements — 427.

Tuesday Night Mixers

(Week 32 of 36)

1. Ben’s TV 100.5

2. B&S Construction 85.5

3. Rob’s Pro Shop 81.5

4. Bronson’s Body Shop 76.5

5. Maddox 70

6. Tatum Trucking 62

7. Kodiak Custom 50

8. Cole’s Upholstery 50

9. A-Team 42.5

10. Ghost 5.5

Top Scores

Scratch game team: Bronson’s Body Shop — 827, Ben’s TV — 742, B&S Construction — 727.

Scratch series team: Ben’s TV — 2196, Bronson’s Body Shop — 2148,

B&S Construction —– 2084.

Men’s scratch game: Jim Rice — 243, Randy Daniels — 234, Bryan Beauchamp — 227.

Men’s scratch series: Randy Daniels — 671, Bryan Beauchamp — 632, Jim Rice — 601.

Women’s scratch game: Skye Buck — 178, Miranda Dean — 173,

Teeoti Jimenez — 170.

Women’s scratch series: Teeoti Jimenez — 491, Skye Buck — 477, Miranda Dean — 462.