Always remember the three Fs of bowling

Richard R. Barron | The Ada NewsBowlers compete in the Tuesday Night Mixers League earlier this season at the Lazer Zone Family Fun Center. Due to technical difficulties, this week’s bowling news column by Ann Stewart contains two week’s worth of standings from the Tuesday night league.

The glitch in the technology seems to be fixed and the results for the previous week’s Tuesday Night Mixers are listed below.

The ranking didn’t change with the Tuesday Night Mixers, but the top scores for both leagues certainly demonstrated how well the league bowlers are working to attain that oft-time elusive high score.

Most bowlers who maintain a 150-200 weekly average will attest to the practice and determination needed to keep that average. And as discussed in past columns, “timing, approach, oil pattern and reading the lane conditions” are all very important factors the bowler must consider.

I am not one of those bowlers listed above, although, there was a time when I was. I like to relive those, what I call “glory days,” from time to time. I am blessed with a son who bowled with me in the past and still does. He reminds me occasionally of a particular patch or award I received. Nice to know he remembers. I enjoy sharing with everyone Cliffton’s bowling exploits. He is so humble, he just simply says “Mom!”

Because I have bowled with this young man many years and have watched the work, determination and hours of practice he has put in, I truly know what it takes to maintain a high weekly average. He, like most other bowlers I know who maintain high averages, will say it takes two “F’s” to attain and maintain. Those “F’s” are Fundamentals and Focus.

I always like to add one more “F” — Fun.

I said all of that to say this — you all are making memories as well. When you reach my age, you will look back say “I remember when…”

Most of the league bowlers I know (certainly myself included) endeavor to do better the next frame, the next game, the next series and even the next week. Sure, we all enjoy the camaraderie of our teammates and the friendly competition of our opponents.

However, if league bowlers did not strive to achieve a better score, I dare say most would not spend the money for the weekly fees just for the fellowship.

Some of the younger bowlers wonder why we post scores, team standings and high games/series.

Young people, we do it so you will remember that one night when you bowled that 200 or plus game and/or that 500, 600 or even 700 series. Or you were a member of a team who came up from the bottom to win the league. Those are great memories and each of us enjoy that brief moment of fame.

Fellow bowlers, we just have about 10 weeks of bowling left. Time truly does fly when one is having fun. Remember the three “F’s!” Keep it Fundamental and Focused, but always keep it Fun!!

Good bowling to everyone.


League Standings

At Lazer Zone

Tuesday Night Mixers

(Week 25 of 36)

1. Ben’s TV 74.5

2. B&S Construction 64.5

3. Bronson’s Body Shop 55.5

4. Rob’s Pro Shop 54.5

5. Maddox 54

6. Tatum Trucking 45

7. Cole’s Upholstery 40

8. Kodiak Custom 37

9. A-Team 35

10. Ghost 5.5

Top Scores

Scratch game team: Bronson’s Body Shop — 780, Ben’s TV — 674, Maddox — 659.

Scratch series team: Bronson’s Body Shop — 2121, Ben’s TV — 1980, Rob’s ProShop — 1814.

Men’s scratch game: Jim Rice — 253, Bryan Beauchamp — 237, Josh Dean — 227.

Men’s scratch series: Jim Rice — 649, Robbin George — 615, Randy Daniels — 568.

Women’s scratch game: Deborah Cole — 200, Hannah Rose — 184, Rebecca Williams — 162.

Women’s scratch series: Deborah Cole — 543, Hannah Rose — 501, Skye Buck — 442.

Monday Night Mixers

(Week 26 of 36)

1. B&S Construction 71

2. Digits and Then Some 67

3. NAPA 67

4. Rob’s ProShop 62

5. Misfits 53

6. Crazy Splitz 48

7. Native Strikers 47

8. Split Personalities 47

9. Spare Me 45

10. Bowling Stones 45

11.Three Chicks and a Dude 37

12. Ghost 2

Top Scores

Scratch game team: B&S Construction – 739, Rob’s ProShop — 735, Native Strikers – 709.

Scratch series team: Rob’s ProShop — 2126, B&S Construction — 2113, Digits and Then Some — 1999.

Men’s scratch game: Cliffton Conatser — 258, Bruce Fish – 247, Ken Hoyle — 247.

Men’s scratch series: Robbin George — 641, Ken Hoyle – 633, Cliffton Conatser — 628.

Women’s scratch game: Lori Clements – 176, Sadies Lamb – 167, Lisa John – 166.

Women’s scratch series: Lori Clements – 493, Lisa John – 444, Janet Lowery – 414.

Tuesday Night Mixers

(Week 26 of 36)

1. Ben’s TV 78.5

2. B&S Construction 64.5

3. Bronson’s Body Shop 59.5

4. Rob’s Pro Shop 58.5

5. Maddox 58

6. Tatum Trucking 45

7. Cole’s Upholstery 43

8. Kodiak Custom 37

9. A—Team 36

10. Ghost 5.5

Top Scores

Scratch game team: Rob’s ProShop — 758, Bronson’s Body Shop — 709, Ben’s TV — 708.

Scratch series team: Rob’s ProShop – 2167, Ben’s TV – 2069, Bronson’s Body Shop – 2046.

Men’s scratch game: Robbin George – 264, Bryan Beauchamp – 243, Randy Daniels – 211.

Men’s scratch series: Robbin George – 699, Randy Daniels– 588, Bryan Beauchamp — 576.

Women’s scratch game: Skye Buck – 200, Carey Brantley – 190, Deborah Cole – 177.

Women’s scratch series: Skye Buck – 559, Carey Brantley – 480, Miranda Dean — 467.