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I recently wrote about scanning photographic negatives to preserve the history and memories they contain, and mentioned I thought it was a good “rainy day” project.


This week I put together a collection of images I made at my newspaper this year under the title “2021: The Year in Pictures.”

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My recent efforts to scan more of my images have been very well-received. Many people have shared and enjoyed what I feel is my contribution to the history of our community.

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Photography is full of misnomers and myths, and one of these issues is the idea that “full frame” is some kind of holy grail of sensor sizes.

Photography in the 21st century is full of monumental leaps forward. Most of the time leaps are technological, not artistic, so it is the tools of the trade that get updated all the time.

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When I was just 18, I found myself interning at my then-hometown newspaper in Lawton, Oklahoma, under the supervision of a veteran photographer named Bill Dixon.