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Spring is the season that brings the most unpredictable weather. Summer settles into heat. Autumn’s air slowly cools the earth. Winter snuggles down for its long nap, but spring’s warming trend is often reminiscent of a roller coaster! Warm days followed by cool nights followed by cold days and warm nights. The promise of sun teases the daffodils. From one day to the next, in spring it is difficult to foresee tomorrow’s climatic condition.

A soil test is a chemical analysis that estimates a soil’s ability to supply nutrients. Results from a soil test allow you to monitor chemical conditions, tap existing nutrient supplies, identify nutrient deficiencies and apply optimum fertilizer amounts.

The Agricultural Enhancement and Diversification Program helps fund qualified agriculture-related projects across the state with zero percent …

Approximately 50 area residents showed up at the Harper County Fairgrounds West of Buffalo on Saturday morning to hear Oklahoma Gardening TV show Hostess Casey Hentges.


OKLAHOMA CITY — Applications for the first Oklahoma Agriculture Youth Council are now available for students entering their senior year in the…

Muskogee County commissioners anted up $10,000 for a countywide study of the Arkansas and Grand rivers, which port officials believe could result with the base flood elevation being lowered along those waterways.