Dear Editor,

I saw a headline that read "U.S. Allies spend $5 billion a year to help Afghan forces." Five billion a year to maintain police forces and soldiers.

According to the story, "as long as the U.S. and its Allies continue to spend billions each year, the Afghanis and government can hold its own. The government can't defeat the Taliban and the Taliban can't defeat the government forces."

The coalition officials said, "Allies will continue to finance Afghanistan's military for years to come."

There was an illustration in the paper that showed from 2001 until now (2015), the U.S. has spent $811.4 billion and we still have a stalemate between the two forces.

This year the U.S. has spent $58.1 billion. It seems to me it's time to stop wasting our money there and put it to better use fighting ISIS elsewhere. We need to use any means necessary to stop ISIS and the countries that back them.

The U.S. needs to commit itself to stopping ISIS by using men and equipment instead of dropping a bomb here and there and say I'm leading from behind.

Thank you.