Dear Editor,

I am a veteran of World War II and the Korean War who has lived more than 91 years. Recently, I was told I had the dreaded lung cancer. On my first visit to the Ada cancer wing of Mercy Hospital, I was very impressed with the doctors and nurses. They were friendly, courteous and explained the protocols for treament in a highly professional manner, using terms an old farm boy understood. In due course, I was scheduled for radiation treatment. At the radiation lab, I was met with friendly smiles and treated as a VIP. I noticed that all other patients were given the VIP status as well.

During the next 7 weeks, I was treated by Michael Gaspard, Larry Dickey, Benny Woods and (I cannot resist saying, beautiful) Stephanie Hayes, all of whom were exceedingly concerned with my comfort and well-being. They went about the treatments in a highly professional yet friendly manner.

From the beginning, I felt that I had known these young folks a long time. As the treatments neared the end, I began to feel emptiness and regret that I was losing contact with four real important "kids" I considered family. It gives me great pleasure to publicly thank these friendly professionals and offer my heartfelt congratulations for their outstanding performances of rendering medical treatment to the afflicted.

Each of them can feel justifiably proud of their achievements and know that they are highly appreciated. Bless each of them!