Dear Editor,

I read Tom Cole’s “Oh God, the Democrats want socialism!” opinion piece in The Ada News. No, Mr. Cole, we really don’t. But you have to understand you and your buddies in Washington have sold the American people out. I believe Bernie and Trump are both products of the America you have created. The people are sick of the inequality that you and your buddies have caused over the last 40 years.

You once were an honorable man, I guess. But now you are just in the pocket of the lobbyists. You have been in Washington so long you have lost touch with us. Trump supporters and Bernie supporters are voting to tear down the system that is rigged against them. You guys broke America and there really is no way you can fix it.

You have run up a deficit we will never be able to pay back. You have rigged the free market system to favor big corporations instead of letting the markets work as they should. You have let foreign countries raid our jobs. So, as you disparage your constituents, look around at the poverty your decisions have made.

In your area, people are seeing what you call socialism at work. What I call it is a government by the people and for the people, also known as the Chickasaw Nation. You want to see a true leader of the people? Just look at Gov. Anoatubby. The Chickasaw Nation does much more for our area than the federal or state governments will ever do.

So go ahead and complain at us about our attempts to bring the government back to working for the many, and not just the few. You act like you love Trump, but Trump was a vote against what you and Washington have become.

We all know this state will vote for you again, because you are protected from being voted out in the primaries, as long as you vote as you are told. We also know as long as you have an “R” in front of your name in Oklahoma, you win. If people ever figure out what you and your buddies have done, you will be run out of town.

David Piercy, Ada

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