Dear Editor,

I am writing about the recently passed “voter fraud” bill. The number of this bill was changed three times to prevent public outcry of this voter suppression bill.

I’m not sure how a registered voter asking that an absentee ballot be mailed to their home address can be interpreted to be voter fraud. Staying home in a pandemic would seem to be a wise thing to do. The majority voting for this bill think only those financially capable of owning their own copy machine have the right to vote absentee.

I watched online as this bill was debated and the author said that the increased demand for absentee ballots was evidence of intended fraud. I personally asked for such a ballot so I wouldn’t be crowded in line as one person at a time was allowed in to vote. I want to maintain the safety of the workers at the polls and stay safely at home. I have a copy machine to copy my license, those that don’t won’t be allowed to vote like me. 

Rep. Johns and I may not agree sometimes, but his no vote on this bill showed rare political courage and integrity.

June Murphy, Ada

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