Dear Editor,

I read the article in the paper about the musician who doesn't like playing "The Star Spangled Banner "as the opening to every concert played by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. I think it's because of all of us veterans who have fought for the freedoms the song stands for that Mr. Harvey is free to choose another job, or another country. Do you think if he was in Russia and complained to his boss like this that he might be sent to Siberia?

I'm proud of the symphony's president Amy Adkins for her comment showing respect to us vets. Every time I hear the song, I think of a poem I wrote a long time ago.

Old Glory

How to express the pride that swells

when I see Old Glory flyin',

My chest puffs up,

My heart starts thumpin'

And my eyes always start cryin'.

For I stood a soldier on a hill

As guns went off around me.

And I wondered if I'd see my mom's face

or the colors of Old Glory.

Would I ever stand toe to toe

And hug my dad again?

Or hold my wife and baby

And watch new life begin?

Still I stood and fought.

I did the best I could.

Then tried more

Because I was fighting for Old Glory,

And for the Marine Corps.

So I hope FWSO will continue to play The Star Spangled Banner as the first song of the  concert for it deserves to be number one.

Thank you.

Richard Medcalf


Dear Editor:

There is a federal law, I U.S.C. Section 7, that states that "marriage is a union between one man and one woman."

Our Supreme Court and most federal judges are not following this law — they are putting their own interpretation of man's law above God's law, where He said for a man to cling to a woman and the woman to cling to a man.

Our judges keep ruling against Christianity in favore of other cultures who have come to the U.S. and says it's their right because of freedom of religion. These judges are taking away our religious freedom and destroying the U.S.

Same-sex marriages will not produce offspring so there will not be a generation of Americans to secure the future. Instead, many of the immigrants do not believe in birth control so they will have many children, which also lets them get more money from the government and pretty soon they will outnumber the Americans and we will continue to have changes in the laws to favor them and our country will be like the one they left when they came to the U.S. hoping for a better life. We will have chaos and rebellion and murders and persecution of Americans just as we now have in the Middle East.

Richard Medcalf


Dear Editor,

The other day I finally had the time and a few spare dollars to visit Asahi in the North Hills Shopping Center. I could not have been more thrilled as a mere $20 fulfiled the sushi hankering I've had ever since I moved here one year ago.

 The presentation was gorgeous, the service impeccable and the environment way cool. These delicious, high quality ingredients had me instantly studying the menu for items I looked forward to trying as soon as possible.

 There is great news for those of ya'll who don't care for this Japanese delicacy. They also offer tempura (fried stuff), teriyaki, hibachi, kid menu items and very reasonably priced lunch specials.

 Congratulations and massive thanks to Asahi's owners and staff. I wish only the best to you and have high hopes for your continued success.


Jodie Harrison