Dear Sirs,

Last Sunday's question of the week about whether or not we agree with the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage is not going to get a true response by the people.

I say this because you have to use a computer to vote yes or no, and most of the older people do not use a computer. Many don't trust it.

We were raised to believe a true marriage is between a man and a woman, as Jesus teaches us in the Bible; whereas, over the last few years, the U.S. has turned away from God and can no longer say truthfully, "In God We Trust," even if it is supposed to be our nation's motto.

Nowadays you will get a more lenient, permissive but biased response to your question, although it might not truly reflect the majority of Oklahomans.

Thank you.

Richard Medcalf


Dear Sirs,

No longer does the U.S. live up to its motto: "In God We Trust."

No longer do we allow prayer in school.

No longer do we allow Christian symbols or monuments.

No longer do we accept the Bible's teachings of marriage between a man and a woman.

No longer is our personal information safe.

No longer does the U.S. government abide by the Constitution.

No longer do the Supreme Court and federal judges follow the Constitution.

No longer do we have states' rights, which we should have.

No longer do we try to bring immigrants up to our standard of living. Instead, we pass laws that take us down to theirs.

No longer is the U.S. the most powerful nation in the world.

No longer can the U.S. be counted on to help our allies when they need it.

No longer do we need the IRS, which pad out over $30 million dollars to fraudulent claims already, some to dead people and some to families who live in Japan. That's pitiful!

The decisions our Supreme Court, Congress and president are making are taking the U.S. on a downward free-falling spiral into the abyss. What can we do about it? I can only think of three things.

1. Prayer.

2. Vote — We need to vote men and women into leadership roles who will stand up for their belief in God.

3. Revolution — I would never want to see this happen here in the U.S.

Thank you.

Richard Medcalf