Dear Editor,

Last week the Oklahoma Supreme Court voted against common sense and ruled that absentee ballots in Oklahoma were not required to be notarized. This opens up our elections to the chance that absentee ballots can be bought and sold to the highest bidder. In a time when we are dealing with unprecedented interference in our elections, the Oklahoma Supreme Court made it easier for our elections to be bought.

Soon after the court ruled, the Oklahoma Legislature brought forth a bill designed to ensure security in our Oklahoma elections. Every Democrat voted against this bill, which required an absentee ballot to be either notarized or that a photocopy of the voters drivers license or ID be attached. While this was no surprise, three Republicans in the State House also voted against the bill.

One of the Republicans who voted against this bill was our very own Ronny Johns.

Our Representative voted AGAINST election security in Oklahoma.

Remember this on June 30.

Frank Skidmore, Ada

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