Dear Editor,

This is a hard truth we must face: If the sides in a political conflict don’t give the other side a way forward, then the political equation is reduced to they’re wrong; we’re right. And that will never lead to a path forward because the defeated side will not support the way chosen. As long as we see problems as Us vs. Them, it is an equation that leads to societal destruction and misery. Somehow, we have to open our tables to everyone.

As Christians, it is our responsibility to open our table to everyone. To set a place for those we disagree with. To allow them to disagree with us and still break bread with them. The politicians—Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, Tea Party, Coffee Party, etc.—want to reduce our interactions into heroes and villains. That simplistic view makes “compromise” into a naughty word and allows them—they think—the ability to control the public.

It’s up to us to find a way forward. It doesn’t include memes. It doesn’t include false news. It doesn’t include personal attacks. It doesn’t include lies. It doesn’t include fake science.

It does include us. Every broken one of us. It means learning how to draw together instead of drawing apart. It means trying to understand other people and their views. It means we will not get everything we want, but we can get what we really need. We cannot remake Eden on Earth—because there is evil here that we must oppose—but we don’t have to create Hell on earth, either.

It means being an adult and making adult decisions.

It’s up to us to decide if we will be angel or ape.


Stephen B. Bagley, Ada

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