Dear Editor,

I would like to thank our community leaders, especially Billie Floyd, Todd Essary and the Valley View Foundation, who worked tirelessly to find a solution to the dilemma faced by Call-A-Ride. While I realize this was a temporary solution to a long-term problem, it at least will provide some time to work on finding a long-term source of funding.

It is easy for those of us with easy access to private transportation to overlook how vital accessible, affordable transportation is to many of our fellow community members. When we think of those needing these services, we first think of the elderly and the handicapped but many younger and otherwise able-bodied individuals sometimes find themselves in need of a way to get to the doctor or just to a store to purchase necessities. I know at times our international students and people who have had a health issue are extremely dependent on this service. Services such as these are the heart blood of a community such as ours, if it is to be a truly wonderful place for all of its residents.


Jack W. Paschall, Ada

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