Dear Editor,

This is a letter of support for Call A Ride.

We all depend on transportation. We expect products and service to be in a place of business. Transportation is necessary to do this. We depend on transportation to get us to places of business that supply our needs.

We are blessed in this country to have an extensive form of transportation (roads, highways, fuel, signs, laws and vehicles) to supply our lifestyle. I cant remember a time when I didn’t ride in a vehicle, either as a passenger or driver. I have been driving for over 60 years. Driving a vehicle gives us independence. Sometime we take it for granted that we can get in our car or truck and go. It is peace of mind to know that we are a few step away from vehicles. Most of the time we can go anywhere and anytime. We have financial and health means to do that.

There may be a time coming when we can not drive a vehicle due to bad health. If we cannot drive we are dependent on some one to take us where we need to go. Some elderly people may have children to take them places. Some people may be totally dependent upon commercial transportation. We have been fortunate in this county to have Call-A-Ride. We know Call-A-Ride has suffered through some bad financial times. It is blessing to learn that recently Call A Ride has been given some financial help.

I want to thank the following for supporting Call-A-Ride: County Commissioners, City Council, Valley View Foundation and others. I would like to suggest that when budgets are made by commissioners and councilmen that money would be made available to support Call-A-Ride.

Vaden Morgan, Ada

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