Dear Editor,

I have been volunteering at the Ada Senior Nutrition Center for the past seven years alongside of my husband, J.W. Brown, wherever the need arises. We do this as we know there is a lack of funds to have hired help to take care of all the daily duties. We have also helped fund some items that SONP doesn’t cover.

The new Ada Senior Nutrition Center is nearing completion of this highly anticipated and needed venue, and new concerns are being addressed. Currently, the fee for the daily lunches has been by individual donation. The suggested donation for each senior lunch is $2. There are those that cannot afford $2 and put in $1 and others that simply do not have money to donate.

When the newly built center is opened,I hear there are going to be many changes. Many of the changes are for the good, but there is one that is most concerning to me. I hear that having on-site preparation of the meals will be by others, rather than SONP, which has the use of commodities to offset costs for needy senior citizens. I understand all seniors will be charged a set fee.

How unfair to those seniors on fixed income that cannot afford to eat at the new center. When we voted for the increase in taxes to provide for the new senior citizens center, we understood the lunches would continue for these same people in the same location. Those seniors voted for the new building and were out for the groundbreaking.

I hear these seniors on low, fixed incomes will still be provided for in the old gym at Glenwood School until grants can be obtained for them to eat in the new building, starting next year in June. Isn’t that discrimination??? Do we really want to discriminate against those in need? I don’t think so.

I served as a Silver Haired Legislator with SODA several years ago. I really think through SODA and our Ada city officials, lunches can be served to all seniors citizens without embarrassment to those that are on very limited incomes.

Ladell Maxwell, Ada

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