Dear Editor,

The purpose of this letter is to stress the need to bring back Call-A-Ride to Ada and the surrounding areas.

As a resident of Ada for over 40 years, an employee in the business community and my involvement with local churches and assisted living communities, I have witnessed the benefit of Call-A-Ride. With this source of transportation, the disabled, elderly and those without transportation were able to be more independent to handle their personal and business affairs. With the growth and development of the Ada area, the need for Call-A-Ride continues to grow as well.

I am currently involved in SHIH, Inc., which provides monthly events to widows of the community. As one of the organizers of these events, I have observed that many of these ladies do not have family or transportation and there are several other organizations that have the same transportation problems. I am a retired individual and understand how important it is to have my independence and to handle my own affairs. Therefore, I am requesting the assistance of (The Ada News) to bring awareness to the necessity of Call-A-Ride in the Ada community.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Pat Herrin, Ada

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