Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to “Dr.” John Garber’s letter to the editor as published in Saturday’s newspaper.

“Dr.” John Garber:

Your letter to the editor regarding the medical marijuana community is inflammatory at best but is much closer to right out libelous defamation.

You called us “drug pushers” and told us, “Use your right thumb and forefinger and put the “L” on your forehead. You are losers. Complete, total airhead losers.”

Real professional writing there, “doc.”

You claim to be a “doctor,” and yet you clearly have ZERO concern for your patient’s wellbeing, as you would rather people suffering from DEVASTATING illnesses and conditions take large amounts of DEADLY pills that may or MAY NOT actually improve their quality of life.

“Doctors” like you are responsible for deaths EVERY DAY.

You look down your nose at your patients, and any patient that doesn’t 100% agree with your mighty opinion can get bent.

The medical marijuana community in THIS TOWN are doing wonderful things for their community. 

There are dispensaries selling life-saving medication to cancer patients for a PENNY.

There are dispensaries FEEDING PEOPLE after devastating storms.

There are dispensaries raising funds for PAWS.

There is one that did a school supply promotion and collected a MOUNTAIN of supplies.

I am calling you out.

Personally AND professionally. 

Visit some dispensaries.

Actually, SPEAK to patients, and try to get it through your skull that most of us are simply trying to stay alive.

Cannabis has literally saved my life.

My doctor of six years recommended it for me.

I haven’t touched a pain pill or benzodiazepine since dispensaries opened.

If that makes me a “drug pusher” or “Complete, total airhead loser,” then you better prepare, because I am NOT alone. 

We WILL fight the lies and propaganda being printed.

Carl Lewis says that you were not talking about medical marijuana patients.

Your letter sure as heck does NOT reflect that.

I would like to request that you clarify your statements if you were NOT referring to legitimate medical marijuana patients.

You mention that your argument is secular, but then end with the following quote.

“John, they don’t take cash in hell.”

Maybe not, but there is a special section reserved for “doctors” who call their patients “drug pushers” and “airhead losers.”

Sheena Br’nai Martin, Ada


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