Dear Editor,

Many people have asked me who to vote for in the upcoming DA election. I was an assistant district attorney for 25 years and district attorney for nine years. I also provided training to hundreds of prosecutors in Oklahoma and five other states, as well as on a national level.

The citizens have a simple choice. Suppose you need an attorney and can choose from two. One has handled cases like yours for 32 years and has been nationally honored for his ability in complex cases like yours. The other has never handled a single case like yours. Everyone would choose the experienced attorney. This is the choice facing the voters.

District Attorney Paul Smith has successfully prosecuted cases for 32 years and has been nationally honored for his ability in complex cases. Josh Edwards has never prosecuted so much as a speeding ticket.

When I was training prosecutors across the country, many were coming from private practice. I learned from that experience that being in private practice does not prepare you to be a prosecutor, and certainly not to be the elected District Attorney. There is a reason that the vast majority of DAs in Oklahoma were assistant district attorneys first. The voters across our state have recognized that experience matters. If one is going to lead a team of prosecutors, to mentor them and train them, it only makes sense that the person must have been a prosecutor before.

I will be voting for Paul Smith.

Chris Ross, Ada

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