Dear sirs:

I read the opinion piece by Pattie Mitchell in the Friday, Aug. 23, paper, and I just couldn’t let this go without responding.

I don’t know where she found her information, unless it was CBS, NBC, ABC or maybe Facebook, but she sure is wrong in my opinion.

During Mueller’s investigation, which never should have been done, he never confirmed any of the information she gave. He implied there could have been.

By doing this investigation, the Democrats broke the law. The federal law says there has to be a crime stated before an investigation can be carried out. He was investigating President Trump for Russian collusion; however, that is not the case. Collusion is not a crime!!

Mueller is James Comey’s best friend. Trump fired Comey, so there is a conflict of interest there and Mueller should have been removed from the investigation.

Pattie Mitchell said no one is above the law. She must be a Democrat, for Hillary committed treason and she broke at least 12 federal laws, each punishable by a fine and from three to 12 years in prison. She has never been held accountable. Why isn’t there an uproar about all that?

All the issues Pattie named do need to be dealt with, I agree. Unless the Democrats will forget about trashing President Trump and start working with him and the Republicans, history will look back on these Democrats and say, “What a bunch of morons. They had a president strong enough and willing to get things done to help the United States and the American people, and they blew it.”

In Stonewall at the coffee shop, the people from both parties want the Democrats to start working with President Trump to get things done and forget all about any investigations and impeachment.

There is no reason at all for wasting all this time and money when so many things could be done if they would work together.

Thank you.

Richard Medcalf, Stonewall

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