Dear Editor,

For the last several years, Ada has had a growing population of elderly citizens. Some come from neighboring counties because of the services available here. A hospital, stores, restaurants, ECU, etc., are all small-town draws. It’s estimated that over 4,000 retired teachers and state employees live in this county. These folks are a vital part of our community and economy.

As they age, they may need transportation assistance. Call-A-Ride allows them to make doctor appointments, shop, attend community events, and even volunteer. 97 percent of the trips made by Call-A-Ride are in the city limits. If the city of Ada does not respond soon, the service will no longer exist.

The county government cannot legally take additional funds from sources dedicated for other purposes. Meeting core services should be a top priority of the city of Ada.


June Murphy, Audine Cooper, JoAnn Hunt, Peggy Bagley, Loyeta Casey, Jan Harris, Nancy Postier, Rozzie Purdy