Dear Editor,

I have watched with interest the efforts by our community to save the Call-A-Ride service. I am encouraged that so much progress has been made.

The great start on this effort is the result of many hours of effort by numerous members of our community, most particularly by the Call-A-Ride Committee chaired by Billie Floyd, by the staff of Call-A-Ride and by the donors who have stepped up to the plate. Hang in there!

An effective transportation service is a key part of any dynamic community. It enhances both its economy and its quality of life. Imagine living in a place where you were unable to access medicine, buy groceries or even visit with friends. Imagine businesses whose customers were unable to come in and buy. Imagine students who couldn’t get to class or employees who couldn’t get to work.

Pontotoc County needs Call-A-Ride.

I would like to particularly commend the Pontotoc County Commissioners and city of Ada government for recognizing the importance of this service and going the extra mile to ensure its existence. While many steps remain, their dedication has been impressive. Their continuing commitment will be essential for long term success.

Thank you all,

Dr. David Birney, Ada

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