Dear Sirs:

It looks as though our governor is greedy. He is trying to get a bigger percentage of the casino profits even though the Indians have an original agreement in place already.

He wants more money for Oklahoma, yet he spends $200,000 to $500,000 outside of OK for legal help. I guess he doesn’t think we have lawyers smart enough or crooked enough, or perhaps this is one of those “good old boys” you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

The thing is, when I lived in Texas before moving back home, the same thing happened there. There was one tribe that had a casino, and they were doing very well. They were buying houses, cars and sending their children to school until the governor wanted to negotiate for more tax money.

They could never agree, so the casino was shut down. Now all the families and workers went on unemployment — Social Security — food stamps — and some on disability since they had no way to support themselves. How could it be considered good for Texas?

Back then, my friends and I would drive three to four hours to casinos in Louisiana, and we would count the first 50 cars we saw at the casino. And we found at least 45 of them would be from Texas. Do you think it was smart to have all this income every year going out of state? I think it was stupid.

Now, what is going to happen here in Oklahoma?

Why not renegotiate with the Lottery Commission and take more tax from the marijuana growers?

Richard Medcalf, Stonewall

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