Dear Editor,

Right now, in America, there is a battle occurring to protect the life of the unborn. In six states, including Oklahoma, there are legislative bills being presented that would criminalize abortion as murder.

In Oklahoma, Senate Bill 13 would offer the same protection to an unborn child as any other child. Presently, Oklahoma’s “pro-life” laws only regulate abortion but will never end abortion until a collective no is heard from the people. What do we have to lose in ending abortion in this great state? Nothing, but we have everything to gain by ending this horrible act.

Let all Oklahoma children get their time on Earth. Let us be a sanctuary state for all babies. I have read somewhere this saying, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” One day, the front page of this newspaper will read that abortion has ended in Oklahoma. Let it be now, in our lifetime.

Your voice makes the difference. Visit to learn more about the bill and please support SB13.

Please leave a message with our local senator, Greg McCortney, at 405-521-5541 or, and ask him to support SB13. It takes five minutes.

Most important, contact Greg Treat, President Pro Tempore of the Oklahoma Senate, who will decide if the bill will even be heard in the Senate. Lawmakers are in session now. Greg Treat 405-521-5632.

Carisa Roberson, Ada

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