“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we Give!” Winston Churchill. This year’s goal is $320,000 and no gift is too small!

Matt Dean, VP at Sooner State Bank in Konawa, Ada Regional United Way Board Member, and 2nd Vice, shares his ‘Why’:

As a board member of Ada Regional United Way, we were asked to share our "WHY". "WHY" did we want to be a part of the Ada Regional United Way? "WHY" do we believe in the mission of the ARUW?

I have a strong sense of community, whether it be in the town I work, Konawa, or the town I grew up in, Ada, and always try to give back more than I receive. I have served on various boards over the years, and I found myself with a few minutes to spare, kind of. I saw a Facebook post regarding the service area of the ARUW, and it covered Konawa. I was not sure if anyone from Konawa served on the board, or what other type of representation Konawa had volunteering with the ARUW, so I reached out to them. I am of the mindset that if there is representation, there is usually more that can be done. Come to find out, there was a need for representation from Konawa, so they accepted me. I was in for a surprise, but a good one.

I was not exactly sure what all ARUW did, stood for, or who they partnered with. I did do a brief overview of their website, and read through the documentation they sent me, but that was just a glimpse of the impact this organization makes on the lives of the people they help, through the partner agencies. Even though I have only served on the board for about a year, I have been fortunate enough to get to serve on the Community Investment Committee, which helps to invest your funds with our partner agencies, to serve those in need. I can tell you, I had no idea of the impact this organization, and our partner agencies, has on the lives of the communities we serve. I left each of our interviews with our partner agencies, in awe of the lives touched each and every day.

If you are looking to make a difference, please consider helping Ada Regional United Way, make that difference. GIVING REALLY DOES CHANGE EVERYTHING!

Tracie Carter, Human Resources Officer at Citizens Bank of Ada, Ada Regional United Way Board Member, and Audit/Finance Committee Chair, shares her ‘Why’:

As a board member of the Ada Regional United Way (ARUW), we were asked to tell our “WHY.” Why are we a board member? Why do we support ARUW?

My why is simple. I love to see others thrive. I want to be able to help our partner agencies come out on top! I started out as a donor many years ago and then became involved on the board two years ago.

I believe everyone in our service area should have an opportunity to succeed. The world is hard enough to live in with out the odds being against you. We want to help make those chances of success increase every time we help an individual, non-profit or agency.

Won’t you consider donating to your Ada Regional United Way?

To learn more about what we do, who we are and who we support, please visit: www.adaunitedway.org

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