We can only use the “S” word on Sundays.

He was an old man of few words and not a churchgoer. Eventually, though, someone persuaded him to attend Sunday morning service at his local Baptist church. The next day a friend asked him what it was like.

“Fine,” he said, living up to his reputation for not being much of a talker.  

“What did the preacher preach about?” his friend asked, trying to get him to open up.

“Sin,” he said. 

“Well, what did he say about it?” his friend pressed.

“He was agin’ it.” 

And so it is. Christians are “agin” it. But if you want to stop conversation at any public gathering Monday through Saturday and get odd looks, just mention the “S” word in polite conversation. This may have been true for centuries, I do not know. But it is especially true today because our world is on a slippery slide into what is fancily called “post modernism.” In its essence, post modernism says there is no such thing as sin. Or if there is, it is only in the eye of the beholder because there is no standard of measure by which to judge what is sinful and what is not.

This, of course, runs contrary to the Christian standard, which is the Bible. If we want to know what sin is and what it leads to, all we have to do is read it. One such sin espoused in both Testaments is homosexuality. 

When the Boy Scouts of America decided to accept gay members, Southern Baptists, in particular, objected loudly. This became a hot topic for National Public Radio’s Saturday morning talk show “Left, Right and Center,” in which commentators representing liberal, conservative and middle of the road political viewpoints discuss current events. 

“Left, Right and Center’s” liberal commentator could not understand how so-called Christians who believe love to be supreme, could justify discriminating against homosexuals by not wanting them to join the Boy Scouts. The answer is simple.

Southern Baptists consider homosexuality a sin. Southern Baptists consider stealing a sin. Are there Boy Scouts who have stolen things? Of course there are. But if the national organization officially announced it would start accepting thieves it would legitimize stealing. The national organization announcing it will accept homosexuals legitimizes the sin of homosexuality. 

The proper tone for Christians to take regarding any sinner is to hate the sin but love the sinner. It is a good idea for them to have this attitude if for no other reason than Christians are sinners too.

But to me, the most amazing notion of this whole thing is the idea that boys so young could be aware of their sexuality enough to announce it one way or the other. Coercing the national organization to officially accept homosexuals is clearly a political move by adults with an agenda.  

Space today does not allow comment on the Supreme Court’s recent ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act. That’s for another day.