Ada Evening News has been flooded recently by notices from readers who have been the target of various scams. Several scams resulted in members of our community sending money to people they had never met.

Here’s a friendly reminder from all of us at the Ada Evening News: DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT, send money to strangers you met over the Internet, EVER! Even if they swear they are the sweetest thing, DO NOT send them money.

Yes, there are times in everyone’s lives when they feel lonely and need someone to listen and be their “friend.” Meeting these people online is fine, as long as they never ask you to send them money, cash their money orders or ever mention money (or the need of it) to you. A casual friend would never ask another friend for money, especially if the two had never actually met.

For all the people out there who are on Myspace to meet a nice person to talk to, again that is just fine, but do not send a Myspace “friend” money – EVER! They are most likely scamming you, and you are falling for it.

Yes, it feels nice to be needed and to help someone “in need,” but you could easily be a target! Be wary of any person who asks you for money! Be wary of Myspace members whose only friends are you and “Tom.” Again, it’s likely they are scamming you. Their focus, more often than not, is your cash, not your heart. Sorry.

Remember, be smarter than the scammer. Never ever give your account numbers or pin numbers out over the phone or Internet. Do not send money to or cash checks for people you have never met. Scams are everywhere, and you have to be smart to protect yourelf.

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