To our citizens:

We are all in this together.

Fear, anger and frustration are in the forefront for most of us of late. We see tragedies, miscarriages of justice and pandemics on a daily or even hourly basis. It’s very easy to be affected, to be cynical and fearful of what the future may hold.

Many of us have chosen to be law enforcement officers. We knew we would face challenges in this endeavor. We knew we would see tragedy frequently, up close and more often than most. Ultimately, the vast majority of us chose a career in law enforcement in order to serve our community — to help people.

Like many professions, but to a greater degree in law enforcement, when one of us is a bad apple it often casts us all in a negative light. Nothing is more abhorrent than a person in a position of trust or authority who violates that trust. Members of law enforcement are human, subject to the same flaws and frailties of all humans. But, as a society, we cannot allow criminal behavior in our law enforcement institutions. We cannot allow poor judgement and bad decision-making to go unchecked in law enforcement. We must foster an environment where people do not fear police. We, as police officers, must not tolerate these negative or criminal behaviors within our ranks.

My experience of more than 26 years in law enforcement has shown me that, with only a few exceptions, most officers are doing the job for the right reasons. Those good officers are good citizens, good fathers, mothers, sons, daughters — they’re good humans. But, if they’re bad humans, then they’re bad police officers.

Good police officers cannot, must not, tolerate bad police officers.

No matter your vocation in life, or anything else that makes you who you are as an individual, we are all in this together. Let us have a meaningful dialogue. Let us not fear each other over our differences. Let us evolve, and move our society to where it needs to be.

I will not allow cynicism, fear or lack of empathy to govern me. I invite you all to do the same because we are all in this together.

Carl Allen

Chief of Police

City of Ada

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