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While it would be wrong to call the pause in the administration of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine good news, the case reveals some things that are important to notice.

Gov. Kevin Stitt wants Oklahoma to be a top 10 state, but we’re in the bottom 10 in one important category.

STILLWATER — People may not be able to agree on much these days, but there are a few things we can all probably agree on. We get upset when bad things happen to children, for example.

You can help improve the health of our community – particularly our women and children – by learning more about State Question 802 and how it will support our state and local economy by increasing health care for our most vulnerable, as well as helping our local hospital continue to provide …

DEAR HARRIETTE: Recently, a guy I haven’t talked to in years recommended me for a job. Out of the blue, it seemed, he called me and told me about this opportunity. A few months went by before things came together. Well, I got the job, but in the flurry of everything, I forgot to contact the …

When the preliminary numbers came in for Pontotoc County’s Super Tuesday results, some residents were probably scratching their heads and wondering, “What happened?”

One is profane, the other devout. One is unpredictable, the other thoroughly predictable. One is an outsider, the other an insider. One flouts family values, the other flaunts them. One is deliberately unconventional, the other studiously conventional. Both won a New Hampshire primary. But o…

In the midst of a new wave of constitutionally illiterate politicians trying to erase the Bill of Rights, the time is now for conservatives across the country to embrace a bolder, stronger strategy to defending the Second Amendment.

Congressman Tom Cole (OK-04), a member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, released the following statement in response to the diversion of federal funds from military construction projects to border security needs...

Earlier this summer, President Trump gave his 30-day notice, required by law, that he intends to submit the United States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade deal to Congress for ratification. USMCA rebalances the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and is, undoubtedly, a benefit for Ok…


Oklahoma is comprised of 39 federally recognized tribes and roughly 4 million people, and I was elected to give a fresh eye to all agreements, laws, and actions by state government and to make the hard decisions that consider every individual who calls this great state home.

Have you ever thought about becoming a doctor? That’s the question more and more Native American and rural Oklahoma high school students are asking as America’s first tribally affiliated medical school is becoming a reality in northeastern Oklahoma. The innovative new medical school, located…

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Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt recently signed the so-called “permitless carry” bill.

"Protecting our farmers and ranchers is essential to the agriculture community and our nation’s economy."

One of the most unsurprising things about President Donald Trump’s first days in office is that it was full of surprises in the voices and images that consumed the national media’s attention.

Donald Trump’s impromptu comment Tuesday regarding the Second Amendment might have been a rallying cry for gun owners to vote for him, but the words carried a dangerous underlying message.

State District Judge Deborah Oakes Evans got her prior-restraint priorities right Tuesday when she excluded the press from an earlier unconstitutional court order restricting news coverage of the East Texas mass murder case.

Certainly the most valuable friends in life are those who are unafraid to speak the honest, unapologetic truth when it desperately needs to be heard. Through his powerful speech before Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proved that he, and his country, remains exactly that k…

As Oklahoma legislators prepare once again to meet in open session, it seems an appropriate time to renew a fundamental reality involving the public’s right to know. It is this: Public notices printed in newspapers and published on newspaper websites are vital to maintaining transparency. 

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