At the tender age of fifteen, Andy Bowman answered God’s call to make ministering to people his number one goal for the rest of his life. Ministry is his first love. But did that call on his life demolish from his mind and his heart everything else that he loved? 

Not on your life. Not even close.

As a teenager, sports and being with his friends were still important. And now, years later, being with his wife and his family are also at the top of that list. Plus, he loves working outdoors in his vegetable and flower gardens. All this is well and good and healthy. Highly recommended by anyone who wants to see him live a happy life.


This minister of the gospel unsuccessfully attempts to hide a lustful secret from his wife and anyone else who knows him well.

This secret sin? Andy adores doughnuts. Hot or cold, yeast or cake, glazed or sugar-coated, jelly-filled or sprinkled – this preacher absolutely craves those sweet circles of sugary sin. Why the use of the word sin? Because, for him, they are a complete no-no. His doctors have indoctrinated him to the consequences, and he is very aware that indulging his doughnuts desires would do unkind things to his blood sugar.

Now, he could (and occasionally does) yell in frustration, “But the Hot Light at Krispy Kreme is on, I can’t turn down a personal invitation like that!”

He could argue that “I was born this way. I can’t help that I like doughnuts! And besides, I am an adult man, and nobody should be able to tell me what I can eat! And I want to eat doughnuts!”

But no amount of arguing and screaming can change an absolute fact…he cannot eat doughnuts without paying a certain price for that sin.

Lesson learned: If a person wants to live a long and healthy life, one requirement is to discover what boundaries are in place for him. Whether they are placed by his doctor (or by his ever-vigilant loving wife) or by God.

Oh yes, God places boundaries on us. Not to make us rebellious and angry, or to destroy our enjoyment of life. On the contrary, He has only one motive for His restrictions on our freedom. To protect us and those around us from harm.

We need to realize and remember the following; God knows all. He is good. He loves us totally. He wants only the best for us. If He says “No” or “Thou shalt not,” there is a very good reason. And us not agreeing with the Creator of the Universe changes nothing.

Whether it’s doughnuts, drunkenness, drugs, extramarital affairs, or any other lusts that you can dream of, He has very good reasons for when our Creator simply says “No.”

It helps to remember that… when you are tempted with your own personal lust that is outside of the boundaries God has placed for you.

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