Take a time traveling trip with me, it won’t take very long. Let’s go back to the scene of the most difficult challenge that you have ever faced. Was it basic training? Perhaps it was an educational or training challenge. For me it was jump school because I was terrified of heights. For others of us it was something else entirely, perhaps something that was not military. I know that we have faced and overcome other rigorous challenges in the military as well as during our lives since having left active service. Jump school still stands out for me as an example of having overcome an overwhelmingly difficult challenge. One of the most difficult aspects of jump school was that I knew I could quit anytime I wanted to. That knowledge made the challenge even harder. All I had to do was to just tell a trainer that I wanted out. That was it. I could walk away at any time. I had to make the choice to stick it out. 

How did we meet those challenges in such ways that we were successful? How did we overcome those hardships? We overcame them by deciding that we would not attempt to overcome them. What that means is that the challenges that we faced were so overwhelming to us that we could not conceive of meeting them successfully. The best that we could do was to summon the will to take one more step. By taking one more step, then one more, then one more, we were eventually able to reach our goals.

Life, itself, is that way. Life is not for wimps. Life throws challenges at us that seem insurmountable. Sometimes it seems that there is no way possible for us to make it through. We might see, however, a very small step that we can take. We can take that one small step, then we can take another step, then one more, then one more. We might then begin to see a path through the mess with which we are dealing. Taking things one step at a time does not make the task any easier or the solution to the problem any simpler. It is a way to attack difficult challenges. Back in jump school, my pushing myself to take one more step did not make the towers any shorter or the ground any closer to the exit door of the aircraft. However it was a way to make it through.

A lot of discussion goes on among some very smart people about divine intervention in our everyday lives. I confess that I do not have all the answers to such questions, however, I believe that God is instrumental in us having the knowledge, strength, and wisdom to successfully navigate life. The rest of it is up to us. Part of that wisdom is to realize that the most formidable challenges can be overcome by taking one step at a time.

Peace and God Bless

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