My heart goes out to the staff of the Capital Gazette, to their friends and colleagues at the Baltimore Sun Media Group and the Tribune Publishing family — to all journalists who may be feeling vilified and maligned by our nation’s current political climate.

I see and appreciate the social media posts by friends and supporters rushing to defend our profession and I thank you for that support. 

But, please don’t share the Occupy Democrats meme laying the blame for this tragedy at the feet of our current President. And, for God’s sake, don’t share any memes from the other side of the aisle that may fan the flames of this ridiculous climate. Don’t feed into the divisiveness. Don’t use the deaths of our colleagues to further a political agenda—any political agenda.

Instead, learn about the lives lost. Read their obituaries, and discover who they were, as journalists, as friends, as parents and spouses and community members. Understand what we’ve lost. Understand what the Annapolis community has lost, and then share YOUR original thoughts. That’s how you honor their lives and their work—with truth, not propaganda.

If you truly want to support journalism, subscribe to your local newspaper. Get to know the journalists who live and work among you, who care about your town, your people and your stories.

Don’t click share. Click subscribe.


Carl Lewis is the editor of The Ada News. He's an aspiring photographer, an unabashed fan of Apple products and an avid coffee swiller. Contact Carl at (580) 310-7520, or by email at