Journalism is a lot of things. It is stressful, urgent, raw, demanding, exciting, dangerous, exhausting, engaging, rewarding.

My particular slice of journalism is slanted toward photojournalism, storytelling with images. I love it. I absolutely love it.

These thoughts came together as I was being courted by a potential employer. I saw a job on and thought it might be worth exploring. 

The job was in the area of corporate social media, and it was tempting; more money and better benefits. It was also very generous for them to consider me, and I am grateful for it.

But as I was considering it, I was in the middle of several assignments for your Ada News, and I was having an incredible time.

On October 1, I covered the Ada Cougars Pink Out Night football game, and we were all amazed to see a bright, full double rainbow over the field.

Tuesday, I covered Taste of Ada, and saw about two dozen people who knew me, welcomed me, and were glad to see me, and the event made great pictures.

Thursday, I covered the Ada Lady Cougars softball regional playoff game in Lone Grove from Ada’s dugout, and I felt like one of the team.

And I don’t have to rewind very far to find more and more events I photographed this summer, this year, that were nothing but fun, great, eye-popping photojournalism.

I am part of a scene, part of a community, part of events like these, beautiful and fun and intimate. I am Richard R. Barron, who has been at The Ada News for 33 years.

Photographer Jim Beckel told me a story about me once: he was covering a high school state golf tournament in Oklahoma City a few years ago, and photographed a girl from Latta. Knowing Latta is in our coverage area, he asked the golfer, “Do you know Richard Barron?” She answered, “You mean ‘Richard R. Barron’?”

So sure, it would be nice to make more money and have better job security and benefits, but what could ever take the place of being Richard R. Barron, photographing double rainbows on the sideline at an Ada Cougar football game?

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