Dear Editor,

Responding to Wednesday’s editorial letter, let’s stop for a moment and take a few deep breaths. Wait a minute, not those types of breath!

The lady wanted me to clarify my letter since she misread it, even though the Ada Editor correctly explained to her that she misread it. Even sadder is that she verifies that he told her she misread it, but apparently a higher cause could not stop her motivations from writing a letter dialoguing with a straw man instead of me. My suggestion is to not misread the letter. Rereading the letter with a clear head is the best way to accomplish this simple task for the unimpeded mind.

In summary, the illegal use of mind-altering drugs is not a lifestyle. Using mind-altering drugs is a losing choice; and just like the cigarette corporate profiteers who mislead and lied to the public for decades on the dangers of smoking tobacco there is a new corporation of businessmen, women, and some so-called doctors profiting off of marijuana for nonmedical purposes.

“Hey man, you wanted a marijuana card for a hundred bucks.”

The targets are the same as bourgeoisie corporations, the youth. They don’t care if they are breeding a new generation of The Walking Deadhead; it’s a moneymaker. I wonder if these corporate losers will bring back the camel with a reefer of weed in his mouth instead of tobacco. Youth and clear-headed parents, beware; there are a bunch of losers who want your brains…don’t let them bite you.

Grand Canyon Guru Garber, Doc Zombie, Mr. Fourth of July, Dr. John Garber, Ada