Fiber Talk

A blue ribbon I won at the country fair a few years ago for a crocheted table runner (pictured).

It got up to over 90 degrees again this weekend. It feels more like the middle of summer than the end. Despite that, the county fair has come and gone. And I missed it.

All of it.

I didn’t enter anything in it. I hadn’t decided for sure if I was going to or not, but then that decision was made for me when the entry day passed. I like going, though, so I thought I would go and see the exhibits, particularly anything knit or crocheted. Because of various reasons, family chief among them, I didn’t even do that.

I have friends who entered. I know there were some beginners who entered. I don’t have a problem with that. I think it’s great and more people should enter. Where I have an issue is when two items are entered in the same category (by different people) and one is disqualified because the judges decide it doesn’t belong in that category and one thing wins over something else that is more precisely made. For example, hand-knit socks as opposed to socks made on a knitting loom.

There is nothing wrong with socks made on a knitting loom, but the knowledge and practice to make a good pair of socks does not compare with what is required to knit a pair by hand. For the record, I do know how to knit, but I do not know how to knit socks. I’ve seen them done. I may have patience for many things, but knitting socks is not one of them.

Sometimes I wonder if there could be some sort of exhibit for knit, crocheted, and woven items outside of craft shows and the fair. For a couple years, I’ve entertained the idea of a fashion show of sorts. It would be a great way to showcase area talent without the pressure of competing and subjective judging.

It would be interesting. It could be fun. I’m not volunteering to start it, though. Not at this point. It’s just food for thought.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll start thinking about what to enter in the fair for next year. Next week, I’m planning to take a look at some opportunities for charity knitting/crocheting around Ada.

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