America is constantly at a crossroads as we are persistently a divided nation.

Although many people have yet to recognize this, our differences make us unique and stronger as a nation. The turmoil that has captured the United States of America has shown many who a large faction of the population really is.

Regardless of your political party, your religion, or your status, you have to stay focused on your goals within your life. It is so easy to get distracted by all the noise in America, but the truly successful people look for opportunities during the chaos.

Throughout our history, there have been events that make everyone stop and watch. There have been events that make everyone think about their view of the events. But what is most important is the way you plan, prepare, execute, and repeat.

Some of the most successful people are planning, while other people are engulfed in controversy. Take this time – even though we are living through a difficult period – and prepare for a better future.

Regardless of who did what and who is the topic of the day, your life has to be uplifted by the positive words and actions you present. You will continue to see negative images throughout your daily activities, but if you keep in mind that your life can be the shining light of positivity and greatness, you will limit the negativity that you consume.

The shiny object is always appealing, but don’t allow it to lead you away from who you want to be. Don’t allow yourself to be a pawn in the pessimist game of life. You are better than that. You are more open-minded than that.

Our children are watching us and see us as their heroes. Let’s continue to leave a legacy that makes them proud to call us their mentors, their leaders, and their guides for strength. Keep up the hope of better days, as we all need to push to be better each and every day. Be the solution and not the problem.

Corey Carolina is a North Tulsa entrepreneur and activist, and owner of Carolina Food Co. He is also an author, his first book being “The Absent Father.”

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