To all who read this,

I hope you understand, our country will soon no longer be the land of the free. Our president is corrupt. He is being led by a group who wants us to lose democracy. They want us to become a socialist nation.

Socialism is no good! All you have to do is look at all the countries down through time that are socialist and you can see the citizens are poor and controlled by a group or dictator in power. The U.S.A. is headed that way.

In order for democracy to change to Socialism, the people have to be fed up with the existing concessions. That means our government has to do all it can to cause deteriorating conditions. Look around! Inflation, disruptive supply chain, invasion at the border, corruption of our F.B.I., corruption of our president and his family, critical race theory taught to our children, homosexuality, mutilating children by allowing sex change, allowing same-sex bathrooms, anti-Christianity, vaccine mandates, Anti-constitution dividing the country through racism, and still more, lack of election integrity. We must get back to the teaching of religion and our nation’s history.

Education and religion are powerful tools that will help us once again get back to believing in the U.S. motto, “In God, We Trust”. God has blessed our America only because we put him first. Now we have put everything before him. We must not let the government take control of our lives by offering incentives to not work. We must keep our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Do not let one party have so much control.

It becomes the absolute power and we become the victims.

One of the major problems we have in America at the present is in our news media. Throughout history, we have had freedom of the press. It was thought to be honest. The news media was never meant to be controlled as it is today by one party. Many times they restrict what we see or hear.

It’s called censorship. Unfortunately, this is happening to a great extent today. Many important stories are not being covered. Case in point, Biden family corruption through their dealings with China. Where is the news about the F.B.I. corruption? They suppressed the stories that they didn’t want us to see by telling big tech companies what to not show us. Where is the news about TikTok stealing peoples private information for China? Where is the news about the truth of vaccine mandates and the false information put out by Fauci that caused so much havoc and cost us so many jobs. Did you know that at least 30,000 military personnel because they wouldn’t be vaccinated and now we find out the vaccines weren’t necessary. Where is the news about the thousands of people killed on our borders, their graves marked by crosses made of pipe? How many were children raped before being killed?

There’s so much more news here that’s not covered. What about the lack of election integrity?

There are also times when our news media pushes a story for weeks just because it’s divisive or considered racist. This does no good! It helps destroy the chance of unity.

We need honest, concise, unbiased, complete coverage. We must learn to work together to keep the government from having complete control of our lives, and destroying democracy. We must learn to work together for the benefit of America and the world.

Thank you,

Richard Medcalf

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