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Medicare Assistance Program Director Ray Walker of the Oklahoma Insurance Department talks about qualifications for assistance in paying Medicare Prescription Drug Costs through the Extra Help Program.

Every 10 years, the idea of redistricting starts with the perception that partisans will draw crazy looking maps that will create chaos and corruption in order to solidify some kind of political advantage.

Rain and heat prompted the grass on the 10 acres to grow faster than we could get it mowed, which isn’t a problem, as I love my “down” time while cutting it.

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Tomorrow is the fifth anniversary of a touching, difficult tragedy: on July 25, 2016, Karsen Sheffield and Avery Anderson were seriously injured in a two-vehicle accident on Lovelady Road.

At the tender age of fifteen, Andy Bowman answered God’s call to make ministering to people his number one goal for the rest of his life. Ministry is his first love. But did that call on his life demolish from his mind and his heart everything else that he loved? 

As the last presidential election approached, one could sense that something was wrong with the polls. The race felt tighter than the polls indicated, and specifically, Joe Biden’s solid lead in the polls felt less solid than the surveys suggested. As they had in 2016, pollsters appeared on …


The U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has announced they will hear Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health in the Fall of 2021.

More Republicans than Democrats appear to be “vaccine hesitant” -- that is, reluctant for one reason or another -- to take the COVID-19 vaccine. They’ve gotten the treatment you might expect in some quarters of the press. “Right-wing anti-vaccine hysteria is increasing. We’ll all pay the pri…

When the girls were little, “going on a vacation” meant we were either headed to the Lake of the Ozarks or floating on a river nearby. Even though we can afford to go to more glamorous spots in the country, I’m happy we continue this family tradition.

Ever used a dull steak knife and had to hack and tear your way thru that rib eye?

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My faithful readers know that if there is something happening in town that is likely to make pictures, I'll be there if I am able.

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My time here at The Ada News has been little short of exciting. From car accidents, sports and countless interviews–the action never really stops. I’ve always known that documentary photography and storytelling is where my heart lies, and my friends here at The Ada News have pushed and encou…

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My newspaper and I were very fortunate to have a very talented young intern this spring and early summer, Mackenzee E. Crosby.

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As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, there’s a sense of relief and optimism that things will return to normal. Long-awaited family gatherings, birthday parties and graduation ceremonies are finally happening in person. Sporting events have fans in the stands, airports are busy, and we…

The four-year-old little girl had a startlingly vivid imagination. She loved to live in a make-believe world of her own, and expected everyone else who happened to be around to follow along.

He thought he was living his best life until the shock collar arrived. My fur baby is turning two and training has begun fetching something other than treats.

You’ve heard it…the one about the little girl who was wakened by the lightning and thunder that lit up her bedroom and made the walls shake. Trembling with fear, she shrieked for her Daddy who came running. As Daddy held her and soothed her fears, he assured her, “God is always here for you,…

Growing up in the Bible Belt, I have heard the term “Emmanuel” my whole life. Emmanuel means “God is with us.” This is a belief that has been part of me for as long as I can remember. God is always with us, right? I accepted this the same way I accepted my mother’s love for me and so many ot…

Long ago and far away, in fact fifty-six years ago last month in the former Republic of South Vietnam, a group of American paratroopers arrived and began combat operations against an enemy force that was known as Viet Cong. The 173rd Airborne Brigade moved lock, stock and helicopters into Vi…

When I was a boy in California in the 1960s, my family was pretty much the only family I knew that ate bagels. That’s probably because we were Jewish and bagels are a Jewish thing.

As a young boy, I would ask my dad for permission for something I wanted. Sometimes the answer was “Yeah sure, that’ll work, go ahead.” But all too often the response I received was not exactly the answer of my dreams. Quite regularly it was “No” with a firmness in his voice that I dared not…

Andy was only a green twenty-year-old when he was called to his very first pastorate out in the Panhandle of Oklahoma.

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Let’s talk about phobias… specifically trypanophobia. It is the fear of medical examinations or procedures involving injections or needles. 

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I recently had the opportunity to make a few photographs with an unusual camera: the Fujifilm X100V.

Occasionally we fix oatmeal for breakfast. Not your favorite thing to eat of a morning? Me neither. So doctor it up. Cinnamon, sugar, and raisins can make even shoe leather pretty tolerable.

“Man is born broken. He lives by mending. The grace of God is the glue.” Eugene O’Neill

Why is it so hard to put your spouse first, without expecting anything in return for your absolutely selfless kindness and generosity…sigh? (Yep, I have my tongue tucked way back in my cheek on that one.)

The stock market craze over the past year or so has allowed many to see the benefits and risks to investing disposal income.

One of my favorite memories is from the earlier years of our marriage, when our two sons were just beginning elementary school age. During those years, we often traveled in a van all over the eastern half of our country, singing and preaching. Some trips were short and easy, and those were o…

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A confluence of conversation this week got me thinking about aging.

Facebook’s Oversight Board has both applauded and admonished Facebook for clamping a gag order on former President Trump the day after his supporters laid siege to the national Capitol.

Voltaire, the 18th century French writer-philosopher, preferred an enlightened aristocracy to democracy yet he eloquently embraced one of the latter’s most sacred tenets, the right to free speech.

Our family traveled a lot years ago, singing on Sunday morning in churches in another states. Back in those days, when you attended church you were expected to dress more formally than is accepted today. Therefore this entailed having to pack suits, ties, and dresses, along with ‘non-church …


Eventually, many of these data storage formats fell out of favor, both because of the rise of solid-state storage like the cards in your digital cameras, and, most significantly, “the cloud.”

Ever been caught in a situation where your say-so doesn’t carry enough weight to make a difference? When you totally disagree with the decision, but there isn’t much you can do to change what’s coming? I can hear the resounding ‘Oh Yeah!’ from every reader.

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