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Those who follow me on social media might be aware that I recently tested positive for the presence of coronavirus and have been at home, isolated, since Sunday.

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I recently wrote about scanning photographic negatives to preserve the history and memories they contain, and mentioned I thought it was a good “rainy day” project.

Have you ever made an enemy? Someone who not only detests you, but actually would love to see the ground open up and swallow you. While they laugh and annihilate everything that used to be yours.


This week I put together a collection of images I made at my newspaper this year under the title “2021: The Year in Pictures.”

Years ago, songwriter Mac Davis penned the lyrics to a song about a tiny orphan girl who evidently longed to experience being loved.

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My recent efforts to scan more of my images have been very well-received. Many people have shared and enjoyed what I feel is my contribution to the history of our community.


I think most of my readers understand that the internet is a train wreck, crashing into a plane crash, and the train and the plane are hauling dumpster fires.

I am writing today to introduce myself, Douglas Crowson, as the new Executive Director of Oklahoma Blood Institute-Ada Blood Donor Center.

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Photography is full of misnomers and myths, and one of these issues is the idea that “full frame” is some kind of holy grail of sensor sizes.

Maps proposed by the Oklahoma Legislature make clear the need to relieve lawmakers of their decennial redistricting duties and create a citizen-led independent commission that can draw something more representative of the state and is less partisan.

Photography in the 21st century is full of monumental leaps forward. Most of the time leaps are technological, not artistic, so it is the tools of the trade that get updated all the time.

I decided to feature this week's creature as it has been quite prevalent around my house lately.

Gov. Kevin Stitt ought to heed the state Pardon and Parole board and spare the life of 41-year-old Julius Jones, scheduled to die Nov. 18.

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When I was just 18, I found myself interning at my then-hometown newspaper in Lawton, Oklahoma, under the supervision of a veteran photographer named Bill Dixon.

Early in our marriage, we were both employed at a large feed, seed and fertilizer company. Its walk-in store was extremely busy from local traffic in the spring, due to the seed and garden plants it carried. Andy was a salesman on the floor, while Renie worked in the offices.

It’s coming around again. The holiday that one person can dread like the pit of hell itself, but another family member anticipates and salivates for the previous three hundred and sixty-four days before it arrives. “Food, man! Lots and lots of good stuff!”

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Tomorrow is World Polio Day which, “provides an opportunity to highlight global efforts toward a polio-free world and honor the tireless contributions of those on the frontlines in the fight to eradicate polio from every corner of the globe.”

We are now well into autumn, or fall, as we like to call it around here. Some people regard autumn as nearing the end of the year, or of life for that matter, as in the adage, “the autumn of our years”. I feel more rejuvenated and full of life during the fall than I feel during any other sea…

There was a place in ancient northwestern Anatolia (modern day Turkey) that was a perfect spot to build a city. It was on a small peninsula near the primary land trade route between Asia and Europe. That peninsula overlooked the body of water that connected the Aegean Sea with the Mediterran…

We all have memories; memories are very important to us. Memories of our parents and other people who were significant to us while we were growing up helped us make decisions about who and what to become as adults. Memories of things that we did with those same individuals help us stay roote…

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Autumn is upon us again. It can be a beautiful season if and when the conditions are right, and it can be a fun season to photograph.

Take a time traveling trip with me, it won’t take very long. Let’s go back to the scene of the most difficult challenge that you have ever faced. Was it basic training? Perhaps it was an educational or training challenge. For me it was jump school because I was terrified of heights. For othe…

Religion. Being good enough for God to accept us. Many do turn to religion…trying to always behave and say the perfect things. So that hopefully, their holy God will be obliged to help them handle the fears and horrible problems in life. But down deep, each of us know ourselves well enough t…

I have written before in this column about violence and humans’ propensity to engage in it. The ancient battle between the groups of hunter gatherers that took place on the shore of what is now Lake Victoria has been labeled as the earliest known organized battle. It is interesting to point …

My wife Abby and I watched the countdown and liftoff of Inspiration4 atop the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket Wednesday evening, the first-ever all-civilian mission to Earth orbit.

The free market has created a miracle. The United States is a place where people have the opportunity to live their entrepreneurial dream. The key word in that sentence is “opportunity,” which is the great conjunction of circumstances that make it possible for a person to do something.

“But it’s the truth even if it didn’t happen.” Big Chief, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

I have noticed a commercial for Chevrolet Trucks that has been running on television recently featuring in the background a song that we have discussed in this column: “Big Rock Candy Mountain”. Boy, was I surprised to hear that song! I had not heard that song since I was about four or five …

“C’mon, Daisy, you ain’t sick, and ya shore ‘nuff ain’t old, so jest keep movin’.”

Thanks to everyone in the community who asked about my wife Abby, who has been hospitalized for a couple of weeks.

Oklahoma state government is getting $1.87 billion of the $350 billion from the American Rescue Plan Act(ARPA). This is the spending bill signed back in March by President Biden. 

Are you easily swayed, duped, confused - and way too often, deceived by your own thoughts? Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger – it happens to a lot of us. The things we allow ourselves to dwell upon can very well be the reasons for our anxiety, fear, depression and anger.

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There are certain names in greater Ada that most people, especially people who have lived here for a while, recognize. Some of those names include Bertha Teague, Carl Albert, Lonnie Abbott, Ray Stout, Robert S. Kerr, Harry Brecheen. And Dorothy Milligan

Once in a while, someone will ask me what kind of receiver to buy if they are interested, and there are some decent receivers out there, some for under $100.

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A couple of years ago, a friend of mine asked if I would consider writing about how to process your own film at home. I told her it was easier than she imagined.

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I received an unusual gift recently from my friends at People’s Electric Cooperative: a Nikon FG-20 film camera, with three lenses, a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8, a Nikkor 35-70mm f/3.3-4.5, and a Vivitar 70-210mm f/4.5.

Medicare Assistance Program Director Ray Walker of the Oklahoma Insurance Department talks about qualifications for assistance in paying Medicare Prescription Drug Costs through the Extra Help Program.

Every 10 years, the idea of redistricting starts with the perception that partisans will draw crazy looking maps that will create chaos and corruption in order to solidify some kind of political advantage.

Rain and heat prompted the grass on the 10 acres to grow faster than we could get it mowed, which isn’t a problem, as I love my “down” time while cutting it.

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