OKC Thunder evaluation: What does Billy Donovan really think about this team? 

Oklahoma City Thunder head coach Billy Donovan during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Milwaukee Bucks Wednesday, April 10, 2019, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Aaron Gash)

OKLAHOMA CITY — The first question of the Thunder offseason may not be a question at all, though we don’t know it yet.

Who will coach them next season?

When Scott Brooks was let go following the the 2014-15 season, it came a week into the offseason. Thus, the Billy Donovan watch is on until OKC general manager Sam Presti offers clarity in some form.

Donovan said little to offer any indication of the way his fortune may fall during Thursday’s exit interviews at the organization's practice facility.

“For me, it’s just kind of business as usual,” he said. “Sam and I had a chance to visit a little bit on the plane yesterday on the way back, just talking about the next couple of days and getting together. So, I’m sure he and I will get a chance to sit down as some of this stuff slows down and talk in detail and [I] look forward to that.”

• George’s take on Ferguson: Asked about Terrance Ferguson’s development as a player, Paul George gave a very specific answer. He even placed himself in the answer by saying that Ferguson is where he was at the time George went “from being a rotation guy to being a player,” between his second and third seasons.

“I think Ferg has to put pressure on coach now to use him more, use him in the offense,” he said. “I think that’s what you want out of your young guys is for them to put pressure on the coach to increase his … production out there. So he’s just got to have a big summer.”

• Good on the inside: Center Steven Adams said the narrative of the season that rings most true for him is the Thunder let the season get away from them. Winning a championship is the objective, he said, and it didn’t happen.

“That’s how I see it,” Adams said.

Yet, he also believed, internally, the team stuck together.

“Everyone is trying to do the right thing. That’s what’s good with the top players we have,” he said. “Good locker room guys. When you go out there, they’re not trying to be selfish, they’re not trying to do bad or whatever.

"They’re really actually trying to represent Oklahoma quite well. So then they go out there and try and play with a really good mindset and try and figure out how we’re going to win as opposed to how I’m going to get mine.”

• Schroder on fatherhood: Dennis Schroder became a father during the season and offered a very matter of fact answer about what that was like.

“It was all right. I mean, it was the best thing that happened to me in life,” he said. “It was a change for sure. I mean, to have a baby now, waking up.

“At first when you don’t have a baby, you just think about your girlfriend. But then you wake up and a baby is crying right there, I’ve got to help them. I mean, it was different but I think I got used to it and it’s great."