Say it's Valentine's Day and you're headed out on a date. You and your significant other are considering where to go – Tulsa? Broken Arrow?

Well, how about Muskogee?

Nicholas Wilks, owner of Erly Rush, and his fellow local business people want people to consider downtown Muskogee for a romantic evening out. That's why they're putting on the Cupid Shuffle: a series of Valentine's Day themed events going on at different downtown shops.

The event takes place Thursday on the 200 block of Main Street from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

"Hattie’s House doing their own thing. Mattie Jane’s will be serving sweet treats that night," Wilks said. "You have painting studios, which include Creative Soul and Lola's Living. A couple can book and do a Valentine painting class." 

Couples can also stop by Poppy's Garden to buy roses, Wilks said. 

The classes in particular seem like a good deal, as they come bundled with products from many of the stores involved in one go. A single guest can sign up for a class that comes with a rose, choice of bath product, a small Honey Bear latte, a dessert and a choice of mini banner or small wooden sign for $40. Couples can get a class with a rose, choice of bath product, two lattes, two desserts, and a choice of two signs or banners.

Banners are done at Creative Soul, while the wooden signs are done at Lola's Living next door. Having two different art forms available is helpful for couples who might have different ways of expressing themselves, said Creative Soul owner Hope Farmer.

"We thought a lot of men involved would like to come and do the signs because you sand and stain, and it’s a lot of fun," Farmer said.

You can sign up for the Cupid Shuffle package via or by stopping into Hattie's House, Farmer said. Folks with questions are encouraged to call Farmer at (918) 348-2204 or Stacy Burns at (918) 520-3664.

The best part? Once you start the date, you don't have to brave this bone-chilling weather we're having until you get ready to go home – the stores are all connected with doors between them, so once you're inside, you don't have to go back outside.

Personally, I think it's a great way to have a nice date and support your local businesses at the same time. 

Happy Valentine's Day!