King and Queen

Mr. and Mrs. Knighten were selected Valentine King and Queen recently.


These days it’s rare to find a couple so much in love after 55 years of marriage, but that’s exactly what the staff of Ballard Nursing Home say they saw in John and Geneva Knighten. Anyone taking the time to talk to either one of them quickly discovered they shared so much history and valued each other's input, staff members said.

They were loved by everyone at the nursing home where they lived and were crowned King and Queen Sweethearts last Valentine’s Day.

This love story goes way back to April 1956 when they married.  John worked odd jobs to provide for his family, while Geneva helped out as a housekeeper.  

They had a son, Jared, and were blessed with two grandchildren.  

John and Geneva shared a room at Ballard Nursing Center until she passed away on February 19.

“The staff and residents here truly feel the loss of a valued member of our family,” said nursing home officials. “Geneva will be missed very much.  John says he will continue to call Ballard Nursing Center his home.”

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