Three jailed, stolen property recovered

From the left, Braxton Daffern, 27, and Dekota Dollar, 23, both of Ada, face felony charges of attempted first-degree burglary and conspiracy. Jessica Ruhl, 29, of Ada was arrested on outstanding warrants.

Two area men and a woman were held without bail Thursday after an altercation with a neighbor, police say.

Braxton Daffern, 27, and Dekota Dollar, 23, both of Ada, face felony charges of attempted first-degree burglary and conspiracy. Jessica Ruhl, 29, of Ada was arrested on outstanding warrants.

Records indicate Ada police were called to a residence in the 700 block of West 12th Street around 3:21 p.m. Thursday after a caller reported a burglary in progress. While on their way to the residence, officers received reports indicating "a male subject (was) attempting to kick in the side door under the carport."

The first officers to arrive reported seeing "two male subjects running westbound on 12th (Street) from the area of the burglary." Records indicate the officers followed the individuals until they observed both subjects run into a residence in the 800 block of West 12th Street and slam the door behind them.

"As the two subjects were running west on 12th St. they proceeded to turn and look at my patrol vehicle following them with lights on, and continued to run into the residence," officer Taylor Lowe wrote.

Records indicate when police knocked on the door to the residence they saw the men enter, the door was opened by an individual later identified as Josie Bunch. Police say they asked Bunch where the men who ran into the home went, to which she replied she didn't know. 

Moments later, police say, they discovered Dollar standing in the living room, stating he "did not have anything to do with whatever happened." When asked where the other man went, police say, they were told he ran through the house and out the back door.

While searching for the second man, later identified as Daffern, records indicate officers discovered three firearms lying in plain sight and a small, handmade pipe. Police report Bunch claimed the guns and the drug paraphernalia. Daffern was later discovered standing in the backyard.

Ruhl was discovered as officers worked to identify all of the individuals they found inside the residence. She was arrested on outstanding city and county warrants.

Records indicate officers "also found misc. guitars and guitar parts in the backyard, that matched the description of stolen guitars from a different burglary on S. Cherry (Street)." 

No one in the residence was willing to claim the guitars or guitar parts, Lowe reports. 

'There was an altercation'

Records indicate Bunch told police the incident began earlier in the day when, after "an altercation between her and (the individual who called the police)," she walked to (the current) residence, where "she sat on the front porch crying" until Dollar and Daffern came out to ask what was wrong. Police report Bunch told them Dollar and Daffern "became very angry" after she told them about the altercation and began "storming down the road to ... to confront (the individual who called police)."

"(Bunch) advised that she attempted to stop them, but they were not listening, she also advised that they stated that they were going to 'beat him up,'" Lowe reports.

Records indicate detectives spoke with Daffern, who "admitted to taking part in the incident ... (but) stated that he was not the one that kicked the door, that it was (Dollar)." However, police say, Daffern's shoes matched the footprint left on the door. Police report Dollar denied having "anything to do with the attempting to break into the residence."

Police report Dollar told them the only reason he was running was that "(Daffern) was running and telling him to run." Records indicate Dollar and Daffern were both discovered to be convicted felons and, as such, were prohibited from being around firearms.

Both men were arrested and taken to the Pontotoc County Justice Center to face charges of first-degree burglary, convicted felons prohibited from possession of or having a firearm in their presence and destruction of private property.

Records indicate the reporting parties, identified as Timothy Norris and Jenifer Lynch, told police that they were at home when the incident occurred. Police report the victims told them they "had an altercation with (Bunch) earlier in the day ... (stating) that (Bunch) cornered (Norris) and hit him in the face, yelling at him."

"(Norris) stated that he did not want anything to happen to (Bunch) for hitting him," Lowe reports. "He stated that after she left, he went to the bathroom while (Lynch) went to the bedroom with her child. He stated that he then heard a knock on the door that appeared to be a normal knock, he then stated that he asked who it was and they would not advise."

Records indicate Norris told police he almost opened the door, but he decided not to after he got a "bad feeling" about it. That's when Daffern and/or Dollar allegedly began to kick at the door, Lowe reports. Norris told police he held the door shut to keep Daffern and Dollar from kicking it open while Lynch called the police. 

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