OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma officials are working to resolve a monthlong dispute with an oil and gas company that has neglected to shut down saltwater disposal wells.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission issued a voluntary directive to a dozen energy companies Dec. 3 after the Medford and Cherokee area felt a swarm of earthquakes, including a 4.7-magnitude quake. Regulators asked the companies to shut down, reduce volumes or be aware of future actions at 140 saltwater disposal wells.

SandRidge Energy Inc. was asked to shut down six disposal wells by Dec. 9.

Commission spokesman Matt Skinner says if a settlement isn't reached, officials will ask the commission to modify the company's existing permits for saltwater disposal in Alfalfa and Grant counties.

SandRidge spokesman David Kimmel said in an email that the company is committed to addressing the issue.

“From the beginning, our contact with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission has been frequent and collaborative, and that continues throughout this process," Kimmel said. "We are committed to addressing this issue and we continue to work in good faith with them to determine appropriate actions that are both responsible and based on science.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.